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To All Whom it May Concern:


Please review:

http://www.mikechurch.com/Today-s-Lead-Story/in-sheriff-if-we-need-to-conduct-random-house-to-house-searches-we-will.html   (here it is, as evidence,  in case the information at that website mysteriously disappears!  We believe, This is not a photo below, but a mug shot!)

IN Sheriff: If We Need to Conduct RANDOM HOUSE to HOUSE Searches We Will

UPDATE: Facebook Page Calling For Removal of Sheriff Hartman

UPDATE: Indiana Supreme Court Threatened After Ruling Allows Warrantless House to House Searches

IN Sheriff: If We Need to Conduct RANDOM HOUSE to HOUSE Searches We Will


By: Allison Bricker
Contributing Editor


CROWN POINT, Ind. – According to Newton County Sheriff, Don Hartman Sr., random house to house searches are now possible and could be helpful following the Barnes v. STATE of INDIANA Supreme Court ruling issued on May 12th, 2011. When asked three separate times due to the astounding callousness as it relates to trampling the inherent natural rights of Americans, he emphatically indicated that he would use random house to house checks, adding he felt people will welcome random searches if it means capturing a criminal.

Speaking under the condition of anonymity, a local city Police Chief with 30 years experience in law enforcement directly contradicted the Newton County Sheriff’s blatant disregard for privacy & liberty, stating that as an American first, such an action is unconscionable and that his allegiance is to the Indiana and federal Constitutions respectively. However, he also concurred that the ruling does now allow for police to randomly search homes should a department be under order by state or federal officials or under a department’s own accord.

At this time we are still awaiting comments from several state offices.

However, the spokesperson for the INDIANA ATTORNEY GENERAL took umbrage at what he referred to as “large” assumptions regarding police power and at this time has no comment. He did however indicate that should the INDIANA Attorney General, Greg Zoeller feel it necessary to make a statement, that this reporter would be included in the distribution of the release.

Source(s): Indiana Supreme Court Ruling, BARNES vs. STATE of INDIANA No. 82S05-1007-CR-343 • Telephone interview for comment with Newton County Sheriff Don Hartman Sr., May 16th, 2011

Now that you read that article (above):

   Ironically Sheriff Hartman is jumping at the opportunity all too quickly, as if it is part of some diabolical action he has planned and or involved with! As many of us citizens AGREE!  AS we have been told by previous webmaster, the Sheriff Department is watching your “blog”!  You see Sheriff Hartman clearly is aware of http://countycrusaders.wordpress.com/ and the information at  this website clearly depicts him as a “defacto” Sheriff! In another words we believe he is impersonating a Sheriff since has repeatedly  violated his Oath of Office. He clearly could have alleviated the ADDITIONAL trouble the victims of crimes were put through, but refused too, all in the name of helping out the “legal system” (the attorneys) to make more or take more money from us! Individuals have called for emergency help and requested the Indiana State Police, while talking to Newton County 911 Dispatch insisting that Deputies “DO NOT RESPOND” and that a Indiana Trooper responds in fear of the negligence and “LACK  OF REPORTING” and retaliatory actions already noted by Newton County Sheriffs Department. THIS does not  put the Sheriff Donald Hartman in a good light! This is a FACT!  It is also a fact that HE did that to himself. His reputation precedes him! As ex-Sheriff Bud King says, “It All comes out in the wash”! Now,  our County Council MUST take responsibility  and remove him immediately before he does more harm than good. Because of our website http://countycrusaders.wordpress.com/    that Sheriff Donald Hartman is aware of, were does he get the idea that “people welcome random house checks”?  Through his own words, the “sanity” of this individual and his underlying “intention” needs to seriously be questioned. We are adamant the United States Constitution “supersedes” any frivolous law, code, ruling put into effect by the State of Indiana or anyone involved in it. Sheriff Donald Hartman took an Oath and part of his Oath was to OBEY the United States Constitution and protect US from criminals and other Government agencies who prey on the people! THAT, he is not doing in any capacity!!

  Our County Council should know better so as we should not  HAVE to CONTACT and write about every issue that comes up, “testing” to see if we OBJECT! Let us make it perfectly clear, once and for all, if it violates the United States Constitution We OBJECT!


Please review below what one individual is going through because of the abuse and misuse of the Power of Police authority in Newton and Jasper County   This further verifies our cry for much needed help and change in our legislative and judicial system and more or equally important our police departments!


It is imperative that as we continue our investigation of all illicit actions of the alleged authorities of the Newton Jasper area that they do NOT and or are specifically TOLD to refrain from ANY contact with us, our homes , property, as we travel to and fro, etc. for now and forever!  And when we say “we” we mean ever individual who is listed as a “victim of a crime” at our website  http://countycrusaders.wordpress.com/


Here are three similar letters recently sent out to the Indiana State Troopers,  Sheriff Terry Risner and Governor Mitch Daniels.  The idea is clear to see!

Letter to Lt Louis Brown:

05/ 17/2011


Indiana State Police

1550 East 181st Avenue
Lowell, IN 46356



Dear Lt Louis Brown,


I am contacting you today to inform you of what has been transpiring. The last I heard from your Department is that you were asked by the Governor to investigate Sheriff Donald Hartman. I have not heard back from you, so we can only believe the investigation is still pending. For your record, OUR investigation of  “the Sheriff” and both Newton and Jasper County Officials will be indefinitely ongoing until arrests are made, swift  prosecution and restitution for damages. Therefore we “TRUST” you will inform all State, Local, etc.  Officials, Police etc. that any intimidation, harassment, etc. should be refrained from as we travel to and fro! For we believe that the Sheriff, the Prosecuting attorney, etc. are all acting as a “gang” extorting money from victims of crimes, under the “guise” of lawful personnel. We believe they are “defacto” as we clearly describe at the website .countycrusaders.wordpress.com      We insist arrests are made and let it be made known that we clearly OBJECT to their behaviors and unlawful use and abuse of their positions! Through our own experience when “real police” who do their job, being friends with a criminal is no excuse for upholding the law as it is written. If you object to what is written here and your Office is NOT about “Serving and Protecting” the community we insist you clearly define your position in writing and contact us immediately!

  If you have any association with these alleged criminals we report to you as described we insist and expect you to be most professional and do your job or pass it along to another law enforcement officer who has no influence or agenda! AND you let Governor Daniels know that!


Now we must report to you what has happened more recently! Please review the attached documents as PROOF that I have had patience and used professionalism in trying to resolve an issue. I recently contacted the Jasper County Sheriffs Department and the Jasper County Commissioners Office to no avail. It has been told to me through the grapevine that JOHN DOE “business”, is “friends” with local authorities and he does as he pleases! The last I remember when dealing with “real Police” is that people may and will be friends but once a friend does something illegal a “real policeman” DOES his job, regardless of whom the OFFENDER is! AGAIN otherwise he is “defacto”!  I believe “one business”  has committed a theft. He took money from me and violated a contract we had that he would fix my car using the right part! Please see to it that he gives me my money back! (see attached)


   I am on Social Security Disability and this man is only making life more difficult for me. As I believe, I am NOT receiving the SAME attention and protection as others do and I am sure of it! (review the outcome and attention the “friends” of either Sheriff(or any other Official) received in or out of Court!) Because of this, my damages including “punitive” are astronomical!


  I also believe I have a new witness who can testify that a particular attorney has been bought to the tune of a brand new corvette to get a person out of having a “dui” on their record! I personally have been approached to become a Klu Klux Klan member and to deal drugs! Obviously through my demeanor and past record it is NOTHING I would ever think of even dabbling in, yet find it quite odd that someone is trying their best to pull out the stops in causing trouble for me. Let it be made perfectly clear I do not cause or want to be part of “trouble”, BUT if it is adamant of finding me and harassing me in the form or guise of law, you can rest assure it will be reported!


It is fair to say, my record supersedes that of ANY alleged  “official” in the Jasper/Newton area!


My Neighbor, still drives by the house slowly leaning or leering out the window of his car, bug eyed, which only instills more fear for my wife and I as this offender still is obviously awaiting to act out against us. I ask you, personally to address this situation, once and for all, for any damage, unlawful and or detrimental actions, we hold you responsible for!

I spoke with you once on the phone describing to you my circumstances and you said you would personally help me! Understand, my intentions of befriending the police from all departments around here has and ALWAYS will be good. Yet for some odd reason, your Troopers and the Sheriffs and their Deputies have it in, with obvious intent to create and bring more harm, frustration, mental, physical and financial hardships upon us! Could it be, cause there is money to be made? We believe so! And through “fraud”!


Let it be made perfectly clear, because of my upbringing, I am and always will be “pro-government” and “pro-police”, but not defacto or unlawful versions of either!


I trust that you will not defend ANY of these offenders and put your own position in jeopardy!

And you too will govern your actions and professionalism accordingly!


Thank you for your time, attention and professional motivation in seeing to positive resolution to these problems at hand! I expect to hear from you by June 7th, 2011! If you don’t respond to by June 7th, 2011, all statements will become true and certain and other legal methods to ensure your service will be rendered!






Mr Martin



Ps. After reviewing my letter and situation with some resources I have found out that my approach is all wrong and falling on deaf ears because of how it is being presented.( Example not giving a time line and insisting on responses, Return receipt mail Notice and Demand, etc.)

I find this completely inexcusable as for the 35 plus years I lived In Chicago I never had to “write” a letter to get Police help nor play “Simon Says” to have action taken. Certainly if my correspondence with you was something that would lead to my arrest or benefit YOU in some way or another YOU would not hesitate! I must not leave out the fact that one of your Troopers “forced” his way into my house last time the Indiana State Police were called and I have never been updated on his reprimand and/or promised it would not happen again! I expect a copy of your “Police Report” on this incident as well, delivered to me! I need a complaint form to fill out and the Troopers name who responded! Date of Incident 10/29/2010. You realize I called the police for HELP not to ADD Insult to Injury!

  Understand, this intentional unrest your Department and Jasper County Sheriffs Department and Newton County Sheriffs Department along with others, is quite detrimental to me , my family, by taking “life” away from us, not to fail to mention, other citizens you undoubtedly are treating the same way! So therefore I have been forced, through your departments negligence and lack of attention, to do this in a much more proper manner where you may be more likely to RESPECT me and my complaints like you should, without being told, TWICE! 


  Should you choose to not respond in acceptable manner then I will have no other alternative but to utilize all lawful means available to compel your services and cooperation!

Again, I’ve been friends with the Police for 35 years now all of the sudden I am being treated as YOUR enemy! Understand, everyone I expound on, has brought this upon them self!


In short, what is expected from you in writing in your response:

1        an update on your progress of the investigation of Sheriff Donald Hartman (certainly we have given you more than enough information to show and prove he has violated his oath which we believe, makes him defacto) We believe he is impersonating a Sheriff!

2        a report instructing Sheriff Terry Risner to “govern his actions accordingly”

3        a report and resolution to the alleged “theft” by one JOHN  DOE of a “business”

4        an agreement and understanding that my wife and I will not be harassed, intimidated or coerced by any local, state, federal police, attorneys or any other agency or person with the ability to do so!

(This to include use or abuse of frivolous state and or local “laws” and or “codes”)

5        an understanding that no one is allowed on my property or to enter my home and that my  United States Constitutional Rights will not be violated without willful heavy restitution reciprocating our damages

6        a written report regarding one NEIGHBOR so that it is “known” and he is duly informed by you and your department to govern his actions and mind his own business


If you need a police report filed out, send one. There will be no talking or hearsay involved in ANY part of this investigation on our part. If you want or need something, it will be done in writing and we will be more than happy to assist you! As I have been told, “ignorance” is not accepted!  Please let us know.


CC: Governor Mitch Daniels

           By the by Governor Daniels, we OBJECT to ALL unlawful behavior!

Let that be known from this day forward! The “Badge” or “Star” is no longer one of impression, but depression and suppression. It starts with their appearance, followed by obvious unethical and oathless actions! Understand Governor Daniels I must object  to the actions of these individuals otherwise my silence may be interpreted as acquiescence and that is unacceptable!

(Attached are documents concerning one “business” and Sheriff Terry Risner)



Letter to Sheriff Terry Risner:



Jasper County Sheriffs Department

2171 N. McKinley Ave.

Rensselaer, In.  47978


Dear Sheriff Terry Risner,

I was recently informed that the information I sent out to you on 05/02/2011 would be disregarded by you because it wasn’t sent return receipt mail. I was told that if this wound up in court you would most likely lie to the judge and say you never received it!  Yet if there was something YOU could use to YOUR benefit YOU would act upon it! How convenient! How Self-Serving! So now I send it to you once more. Return Receipt mail!

In 35 years of living in Chicago and having an excellent working relationship with the Chicago Police Department, I never had to write a letter to ask for help. A phone call or a verbal complaint ALWAYS got the job done.  I find it more obvious that the “Police” out here are used by the local legal system to round up or steer citizens into their “legal trap” to add further damages to people who are already down trodden and victims of crimes, adding insult to injury, ALL under the guise of law! That’s FRAUD! YOU of all people SHOULD KNOW better! So since this may be reviewed by the “judge” let me inform you that one ex-Deputy has informed me of a Deputy who allegedly beats prisoners and his wife! Who could that be?

Now I am asking you to use your position as Sheriff to retrieve money for me that was inadvertently stolen by one John DOE, acting under a Business!

Before I am told this is a civil case. A Traffic ticket is a civil case, so please, just do your job as the Public Servant you took Oath of Office to be!

If there is anything you need from me, you are more welcome to notify me immediately! Because of your alleged record and demeanor, my prior experience with Jasper County, this will be done in writing! Talking in person or on the phone will NOT be an acceptable means of communication!

If the demands of this letter are not met by June 7th, 2011, all of the beliefs contained in letter will become true and certain! And all lawful remedies will be utilized to ensure your services!



Mr Martin


Ps. I have and always will be Pro-Government and Pro- Police, but never for “defacto” versions of either!

If you would like a police report filled out please include the proper form with your response!


Letter to Governor Mitch Daniels:




Office of the Governor
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797



Dear Gov. Daniels,



Please review the attached documentation. It clearly speaks for itself. I truly do not like writing or being involved or surrounded by such negative people or environments. But when it becomes overwhelming and no one appears to be doing anything about it, you MUST become involved and it is my civic duty to help notify you of the ongoing problems. Please address this swiftly and honorably.

  I expect you and your office to respond to me as well as what your plan of action is to be by June 7th, 2011 otherwise we can only believe that all that is said and written is true and agreed upon by you!


Thank you for your cooperation in seeing to it that Indiana is once more a safe and ethical place to live that abides by our United States Constitution.




Mr Martin


Ps. If you want the copies of what is said to be “the attached” in the letter to Lt Louis Brown either feel free to contact me! (I did not include all them for as to not burden you what you may consider trivial. There are much grander problems to deal with then the receipts and correspondence between the Better Business Bureau and The Indiana  Attorney Generals Office)


The good news is, there are many people without jobs or who are employed and would be better suited and more qualified for such honorable positions! What makes these individuals so impervious?

We await your answers and resolutions.

--------------------------------end of letters---------------------------------------------


In case many of you of do not know, Mr. Martin has been nominated for awards for his dedication to this cause. One from the United States Department of Justice , Office for Victims of Crimes AND the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award from Channel  5 NBC Chicago for Community Service! What is really ASHAME is that NO ONE for our local community here, realizes or gives credit to all the hours and dedication this individual and or others have given UNPAID, to make our community and better place!


Now in closing all we can do is insist upon the removal of , one Sheriff Donald Hartman! Through his own words and actions he remains a THREAT!


We believe that the courts did not rule that the Sheriff has any MORE  authority than he did have before!  It simply points out that a citizen has no right to resist unlawful entry! THIS does not mean that police can enter unlawfully, period! The problem here in lies, in Indiana there is NO INTERNAL INVESTIGATION! Once again, they “force” citizens to dig into their pockets to hire attorneys for something they should know better!   This IS a bona fide set up!

Update:  Sheriff Terry Risner  has wrote to Mr. Martin and says its civil…we believe he is WRONG. It was theft. If Mr. Martin took his vehicle without paying , he would be arrested.   Sheriff Terry Risner is “choosing” who he “protects” and he is wrong!  Terry Risner completely ignored the fact that a traffic ticket is a civil case, only a traffic ticket has no complaining party.  FACT, Mr. Martins case warrants more attention then a traffic ticket! A “REAL” Sheriff either makes the individual pay up or arrests the offender and lets the Judge make a decision! EQUALLY “protecting” BOTH PARTIES, business owners AND consumers!  It is only a matter of time before problems erupt in Jasper County if Terry Risner continues on this path!    MARK THESE WORDS! You heard that here and now firsthand!

Additional notes:


First and Foremost ......... Police Recruits NEED to KNOW to Govern their actions! AND that they are "servants"! That goes for ALL government EMPLOYEES!


Any objections, feel free to respond!       Otherwise, proceed with due diligence!


Since Sheriff Hartman is such the hardball justice seeker he proclaims to be, why doesn’t he drug test all County employees and Officials? (by ALL means.. blood, hair and urine samples through a completely unbiased lab!) Why? We believe most of them will lose their jobs. And now through his own outrageous display psychological evaluations of anyone who carries a firearm or has the ability to do any financial, mental or physical harm, incarcerate any citizen of our County, this to include ALL attorneys. Therefore once they are deemed “safe” , “stable” and “conscious minded” of what they do, they can be tried all together differently as “with intent” when they do CAUSE  HARM of ANY type!


 When will this be an episode for AMERICAN GREED? (The Attorneys, The Sheriff and the Judges!!!!)

Why doesn’t 20/20 or 60 Minutes come to Newton Jasper County area and do an exposé, on “the detrimental effects of inbreeding”?



It  kinda feels GOOD being on the “right” side of the LAW!

Addresses of those who have already received it


dan.carden@nwi.com; lauri.keagle@nwi.com; lawmankjv@yahoo.com; mflech@sbcglobal.net; avaindiana@yahoo.com; response@gov.in.gov; senator_lugar@lugar.senate.gov; news@977wlqi.com; shelli0017@yahoo.com; hbrown@iga.in.gov; h19@in.gov; tips@abovethelaw.com; dateline@nbcuni.com; tips@nbcchicago.com; news@foxchicago.com; oreilly@foxnews.com; wayneflick@indianasfinest.com; stosseltix@foxbusiness.com; justing@mymanmitch.com; constituent@atg.in.gov; iteam@abc.com; bamsam@mchsi.com; timdrenth@hotmail.com; croof1951@sbcglobal.net; luke@lukeabbott.org; coroner@embarqmail.com; highway@newtoncountyin.com; ncbuilding@newtoncounty.in.gov; gordy@rivervalleyradio.net; tim@rivervalleyradio.net; larry.yellen@foxchicago.com; cpr@staff.abanet.org; thomass@staff.abanet.org; kdolan@courts.state.in.us; pwood@courts.state.in.us; erouse@courts.state.in.us; kgifford@inbf.org; vandertuukdist7@aol.com; info@teapartyoflakecounty.org; myron.sutton@ffni.com; h16@in.gov; h20@in.gov; h15@in.gov; comm@sbcglobal.net; rhanford@newtoncountyin.com; rcollins@newtoncounty.in.gov; s6@in.gov; wayneflick@indianasfinest.com; isbaadmin@inbar.org; ethicsearch@staff.abanet.org; jsmith@ipac.in.gov; tips@abovethelaw.com; dateline@nbcuni.com; tips@nbcchicago.com; news@foxchicago.com; oreilly@foxnews.com; bill.johnson@johnson19.com; stosseltix@foxbusiness.com; howard.axtell@comcast.net; devin@devinnorris.com; president@indianahistory.org; conservation@indianahistory.org; reference@indianahistory.org; info@viscloskyforcongress.us; justing@mymanmitch.com; constituent@atg.in.gov; iteam@abc.com; lmw@whistleblowers.org; ylj@yalelawjournal.org; sharynh@netnitco.net; jtaylor@ffni.com; laketwptrustee@mchsi.com; jeffersontrustee@hotmail.com; scs@jasperremc.org; janerisley@yahoo.com; grantwp@embarqmail.com; beavertwptrustee@midwaynet.net; mflech@sbcglobal.net; ddriskell@indianatownshipassoc.org; ekmorales1@yahoo.com; trustydick@aol.com; juliecollins@choiceonemail.com; jeffersontwpwayne@comcast.net; mapowell@embarqmail.com; perrytown@sigecom.net; bgindlin@etczone.com; mharttrustee@aol.com; llwilliams@ori.net; hen564@aol.com; rnflowers1@comcast.net; mcfdchief@aol.com; info@indfirechiefs.org; aic@indianacounties.org; khall@infarmbureau.org; rkraft@infarmbureau.org; ahstrauss@idoi.in.gov; rcrosson@idoi.in.gov; rvaughan@idoi.in.gov; webmaster@fnf.com; customerservice@alpsnet.com; idoi@in.gov; dennis.ryerson@indystar.com; mark.alesia@indystar.com; dan.carpenter@indystar.com; karen.hensel@wishtv.com; rick.dawson@wishtv.com; americangreed@cnbc.com; robb.stubblefield.rrls@statefarm.com; editor@sugardog.com; purewords@juno.com; jhunnels@sbcglobal.net; hobarttrustee@verizon.net; rosstwp@netnitco.net; stjohntownship@sbcglobal.net; gghawkes@embarqmail.com; rbranden@urhere.net; rlallen@embarqmail.com; keenertwptrustee@comcast.net; calang@liljasper.com; bjwalker@centurylink.net; senatevirtualoffice@iga.in.gov; member@washingtontimesmail.com; houserepublicans@subscriptions.in.gov; newsletters@e.usatoday.com

kimberly5683@aol.com; awojas@isp.in.gov; isprecruiting@isp.in.gov; newscenter16@wndu.com; ivan.bodensteiner@valpo.edu


Is it odd that Governor Daniels did NOT come out to address the people when they had a rally on May 25th, 2011 on the front steps of the State Builiding in Indianapolis about this matter of Illegal Forced Entry? Well,....we think its odd and SUSPICIOUS!

As much as "alleged Sheriff" Donald Hartman "tries" to back peddle, his way out of this hole he dug HIMSELF into..for those of you who do not know him..review his "reputation" that precedes him... at this link http://countycrusaders.wordpress.com/& EVERY situation you read about here CLEARLY could have been brought to justice (and needlessly escalated) "IF" a law abiding OATH Keeping Sheriff, handled it!

Also become familiar with this link http://countycrusaders.angelfire.com/forcedentry

If anyone cares to make or send cash donations to help our cause they will be welcomed at: PO BOX 3 Roselawn, In 46372 Thank you for “helping” to continue to make our County and COUNTRY a better place to live! You "better" realize, if they win here, it will be at your doorstep shortly!