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Once again another Public Servant acts out of turn!  Yes indeed, It is “alleged Sheriff”, Terry Risner of Jasper County Indiana. Please review the documents sent out “return receipt mail” as of 05.21.2011 (SEE BELOW- a letter to the Indiana State Police, Governor Daniels and a response from Terry Risner)


It is imperative that we KEEP a tight noose on these tyrants as they slowly “try” to position themselves to impose unconstitutional actions upon the citizens of Indiana (“alleged Sheriff” Donald Hartman to be named as the other)


Let us break this down for you, when you act out of turn, “unlawful” you must listen to a police officer and or suffer the consequences! Ironically at this point, the “Officer”, or as we prefer, the “Public Servant” is acting out of turn,  illegally, fraudulently  and completely disregarding his Oath and he needs to be brought to justice!

He is trying to remain in control when clearly he is OUT OF CONTROL and disobeying his oath, his office and his master (the general public)!

Understand WE are in position for “them” our “Public Servants” to LISTEN and OBEY us! Our message is loud and clear and more then reasonable! There must be consequences!

Word also has it, that the “department” is divided! As we figured all along, there truly are Deputies out there who cannot stand their “BOSS” and how he operates! (Warrantless roadside searches, frivolous tickets, NOT being readily available to SUPPORT victims of crimes, NOT writing police reports AND leaving copies with victims, etc.)That’s the good news, for we do not want people to think “they” or ALL  police are “bad”! Higher Government WANTS to see dissension among the people and police. We don’t!!! There is hope! Our County Council now needs to get involved and take responsibility to REMOVE, ALL bad aspects of our internal governments slowly one individual at a time or all of them at once! Yet not to pacify, mask or cloak this situation temporarily but put guidelines together to head in the right, lawful and constitutional direction, ONCE AND FOR ALL!

County Councils MUST be aware, the ATTORNEYS and legal staff “officials” play a MAJOR role in this deception and fraud, so if they ALL must be removed and or arrested, then so be it! NO ONE in the County Seat is impervious to arrest and or removal!

No one in Newton or Jasper County Government, as far as we have seen deserves the entitlement of HONORABLE, until otherwise proven differently! For they ALL bear witness to what transpires!


Is it odd that Hartman is alleging not to have made any such statements BUT won’t do it in writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Response from alleged sheriff terry risner:


To Mr Martin:

Your correspondence was received by our department and I was asked by Sheriff Terry J. Risner to review the information provided to see if there was a criminal case. I have taken the time to review all the material you provided and searched the Indiana Criminal Statutes and found there was not a criminal case but it is a civil case. I also requested that the prosecuting attorney review the material and their office concurs.

On May 17,2011 Sheriff Risner received your second correspondence and as I mentioned above, this is a civil case not a criminal case. Sheriff Risner request that if you have any further questions regarding this matter he would be glad to meet with you by appointment and discuss this matter in person. If the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department can be of any other assistance to you in the future, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your time in the manner.


Det. Robert P. Foerg


A letter to Indiana State Police:

05/ 21/2011

Indiana State Police

1550 East 181st Avenue
Lowell, IN 46356

Dear Lt Louis Brown,

It is truly depressing to me and my family that we are forced to contact you once more. After mulling over the response I received from (alleged Sheriff) Terry Risner and his Detective, Robert Foerg, with my resources, we find it completely outrageous and UNLAWFUL of his attention to this matter. Please review his response attached of which he sent “twice” so he evidently must mean what he says!

  Although I sent “Thank You notes” to all parties involved in helping me retrieve my stolen goods, “my money”, I must address this swiftly, so as certain facts will be known and true.

He claims they looked through some book and found no statutes or laws making this a criminal matter AND the prosecuting attorney concurs which involves that department now!

His response clearly indicates that he cannot be dealt with on any intellectual level.


Now that we had this reviewed to find out he is WRONG!

As it appears Terry Risner didn’t even question the business owner and YES he does have the power to rectify this situation, but there is nothing in it for him! Money is made when people hire attorneys! Or appear in court from tickets they write! Once again, “self-serving”!

If I took my vehicle without paying, for work someone does, I would be arrested. Terry Risner is “choosing” who he “protects” and he is wrong!  He is discriminating! Now we believe this is a crime! Terry Risner completely ignored the fact that a traffic ticket is a civil case, only a traffic ticket has no complaining or injured party. FACT, My case warrants more attention than a traffic ticket! A “REAL” Sheriff either makes the individual pay up or arrests the offender and lets the Judge make a decision! EQUALLY “protecting” BOTH PARTIES, business owners AND consumers! It is only a matter of time before more problems erupt in Jasper County if Terry Risner continues on this path! As we said about (alleged Sheriff) Hartman, if Terry Risner refuses to do his job for the people not against the people, for he is accountable to us NOT the Prosecuting Attorneys office (who sees no money to be made in this case and others alike) we demand his arrest for impersonating a Sheriff among other unethical violations and the fact now that he does not keep his oath!

Did you notice that Terry Risner did not question or want to know who the offender was that beats prisoners or his wife?  Could it be him? Did you notice how he is trying to beguile me into a private meeting, so what we believe, he can exercise his unlawful authority and threaten or beat me too ! Why do we say that? Because, why cannot Terry Risner communicate with me via written letters, as I clearly indicated?  Now, there is clearly “fear” instilled in me. That is a fact! I would and could only meet with him in person if we went to another state, where the Police are "friends" with “me” and would be willing to subdue and arrest Terry Risner once he spoke or acted out of turn!

Why are these Sheriffs “resisting” to be Oath keepers and loyal to the people?

(Alleged Sheriff) Terry Risner best govern his actions accordingly not only with me but with any and all citizens, and he clearly fails to recall, that he IS a "public servant"!

I now expect and insist that the Indiana State Police and Governor Mitch Daniels to take action against this man, with absolutely no retribution, coercion, harassment etc. from Terry Risner any of his Deputies or anyone else! I am the complaining party. I object to any and all unlawful behaviors as clearly described.

Once again thank you for your dedication to the community and making our State, Indiana, a conducive place to live. I expect a response from you by June 14, 2011, addressing your plan of action with this individual and your written words that you are making all concerted efforts to bring peace to our community, using the United States Constitution as a guideline, so this will NOT be an ongoing issue! If a response is not delivered to me by June 14, 2011 you then agree that all statements made here within are true and factual.


Mr Martin

CC: Governor Mitch Daniels


A letter to Gov. Daniels:



Office of the Governor
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797

Dear Gov. Daniels,

Again, Please review the attached documentation. It all clearly speaks for itself. Now (alleged Sheriff) Terry Risner, is the problem. Attached is a copy of our letter to Indiana State Trooper Lt Louis Brown and a copy of Terry Risners response!

  Again writing letters like this is something I do NOT like to do, but due to the circumstances I am forced to!  This is extremely overwhelming and no one appears to be doing anything about it, so you MUST become involved! I find it my civic duty to notify you, so you may help with these ongoing problems. Please address this swiftly and honorably.

Is it not odd that Indiana does not have an Internal Affairs Division, which is “required” to find so many illicit police and government employees as police are required to write tickets? Is it not odd that  ALL government employees (including prosecuting attorneys or any attorney who takes checks from the government) are NOT required to take drug tests (or psychological tests for those employees who carry guns or have the ability to incarcerate or beat people)?  Of course, Violators to receive swift termination, penalties and prosecution! We insist and demand that you make these new policies and terms of employment!  Constitutional Rights must be at the forefront!


Quite frankly Governor Daniels, any damage, harm, threats, coercion, financial hardships, or vengeful tactics carried out by Terry Risner, Donald Hartman, their Deputies, friends, associates, other County Officials including attorneys we hold you responsible and accountable for, as of this date on!

We have serious issues with the employment of, law enforcement personnel that have anger issues and those that beat cuffed prisoners!

  I expect you and your office to respond to me, including what your plan of action is to be by June 14th, 2011 otherwise we can only believe that all that is said and written is true and agreed upon by you!

Thank you for your cooperation in seeing to it that Indiana is once more a safe and ethical place to live that abides by our United States Constitution.


Mr. Martin

--------------------------------end of letters------------------------------------------

It is only a matter of time before something happens over the top and 60 minutes or 20/20 are here to do a segment. AMERICAN GREED would have a field day once they open investigation to the millions of dollars that are extorted through the local judicial system, a story much more important that tallies an enormous dollar amount, other than some idiot Doctor who  “ironically” picked Northwest Indiana to do his  “CRIMES”! Are we seeing a pattern here? Does the “judicial system” not work at ALL until it becomes out of control and media gets involved and there are deaths? Does anyone know what the United States Attorneys Office in Hammond DOES? (besides TAKE our money?)

It is amazing how many people we talk about who TAKE money, under the guise of “employment” yet do NOT do anything or do it unlawfully! Is that NOT FRAUD?   YET they want to kick our doors in?


We have reason to believe County Commissioners, work in collusion with the Sheriff’s who definitely works in collusion with the legal team (prosecuting attorney, attorneys and judges)!

(This being Newton and Jasper County)!   Especially Drinski, who really does not realize yet, that his good deeds and antics will catch up to him! Through his own illicit and deceptive practices in the past, assisting Hartman now is only digging his hole deeper! No matter what Hartman says now, it is too late! The damage, threats, his coercion and intimidation is DONE! He must be accountable for this action and his previous crimes and crimes he plans on continuing to commit! Just ASK him!

(unwarranted roadside checks , frivolous tickets, harassing individuals as they travel to and fro, failure to make arrests and assist victims of crimes, refusing to write police reports or make them available, allowing  the court to  convict  and incarcerate people for multiple charges they haven’t even by tried  or convicted of, working in collusion with the Prosecuting Attorney instead of the people, allowing the attorneys in the County to extort money from victims of crimes, allowing the judge to reside who bears witness to these crimes, allowing the court to persecute one time offenders harshly while repeat offender minimally, altering or discarding records of one alleged judge who has been brought in jail drunk driving multiple times, failure to bear proper witness/report  the crimes as described, allowing criminal behavior to perpetuate and escalate, etc.) This list we believe to be true and certain!

Whether alleged Sheriff Hartman wants to admit, we now believe he is RESPONSIBLE for the excess of $2,000 in criminal damage done to Mr. Martin’s property (this issue is not over) and for the incredible amount of money that is being extorted through the court system for the Leflech Trial that attorneys are still bleeding money from the family over a simple contract dispute!

(See for more details)


If the magistrates do NOT cooperate, they will be implicated as well!


As we now describe, we believe this falls under “organized crime”!


AGAIN we can only insist that Our County Council members, Commissioners and Clerks (amongst ALL other Government Offices) including the Indiana State Police and Governor Daniels, make our agenda, their TOP PRIORITY!


What an Assistant United States Attorney does?

AUSAs spend their time investigating cases; drafting indictments and other pleadings; negotiating plea agreements; appearing in court for bail hearings, pretrial motions, plea hearings, and sentencing;

conducting jury trials; and briefing and arguing appeals. On a given day, an AUSA may question witnesses before the grand jury, help agents to prepare a search warrant, or review documentary evidence. Later that week, the AUSA may brief the constitutionality of an automobile search or examine witnesses at a suppression hearing. Over the course of the month, the AUSA may argue a sentencing issue before the Court of Appeals, negotiate a plea agreement with a minor player in a conspiracy in the hope of using his testimony to convict the conspiracy’s leaders, or prepare witnesses and mark exhibits for an upcoming trial.


Each AUSA has responsibility for a large docket, but the majority of cases, because they are well

investigated and prepared, end in plea agreements. New AUSAs working on lower level cases may have five or six trials a year, while senior AUSAs prosecuting more complex cases tend to have fewer trials. Whether simple or complex, each case may prove rewarding in its own way. The conviction of a major organized crime figure or corrupt politician, for example, may conclude years of investigation and a hard fought trial with a public victory that sends a message to other criminals and would-be criminals. The conviction of a three-time felon for possessing a gun illegally, by contrast, may gain little or no press attention, but may earn the gratitude of neighbors and the larger community.


(a clip from this website:  )



If paper work and proper forms are needed to be filled put by anyone we contact or anyone else, feel free to let us know and or send us a copy! There shall be no excuses or reasons why JUSTICE cannot be brought to these individuals and peace of mind to the greater community at large!

(this email,the contents above, except for the title, was sent out to the same list of emails at the bottom of this web page

just SO everyone who SHOULD, KNOWS!

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As much as "alleged Sheriff" Donald Hartman "tries" to back peddle, his way out of this hole he dug HIMSELF into..for those of you who do not know his "reputation" at this link EVERY situation you read about here CLEARLY could have been brought to justice (and needlessly escalated) "IF" a law abiding OATH Keeping Sheriff, handled it!


If anyone cares to make or send cash donations to help our cause they will be welcomed at: PO BOX 3 Roselawn, In 46372 Thank you for “helping” to continue to make our County and COUNTRY a better place to live! You "better" realize, if they win here, it will be at your doorstep shortly!