Another report of abuse, from a derelict Deputy to a 54 year old business woman in Newton County!

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Another report of abuse, from a derelict Deputy to a 54 year old business woman in Newton County!

A 54 year old woman who lives in Northeast Newton County, who happens to be a prominent business owner in Crown Point Indiana was harassed Tuesday March 20th 2012 at approximately 12.45 pm when she was traveling west bound on her bicycle on 1200 North . As she passed a Newton County Sheriffs Deputy as he was sitting on a gravel road watching traffic on the north side of 1200 North between 475 East and 400 East. She noticed a long Brown Suburban looking vehicle pull in and drive up to the squad car, she paid no further attention and rode by. Shortly thereafter the Deputy a man in his middle to late 20’s as she describes because he didn’t leave his name was riding unusually close behind her, then pulled along side her and told her to pull over. He told her that not one but two people complained that she was driving her bicycle down the road and that they had to blow their horn at her. He asked her if she had any outstanding warrants and if she had a drivers license and then took her name! Little did he know but he was harassing her, under color of law. He was encroaching on her ability to travel freely to and fro, which is one of our Constitutional Rights! We BELIEVE, he thought he was “shooting into a barrel” trumping up an excuse to PREY on a defenseless woman hoping to make an arrest! This woman has medical problems and has been instructed to exercise, eat well , etc , BY HER DOCTOR, something most people around here, including the police evidently appear to be strange, unusual or “SUSPICIOUS”! You see they THINK that gives them the EXCUSE to do as they please! The FACT remains that this woman as ANY other person has just as much RIGHT to be on that road on her bike as any other vehicle. In fact, if there is a “no passing zone” a vehicle can be ticketed if it passes a bicycle NO MATTER how slow they are going! This Derelict Deputy should have advised these irate drivers the “rules of the road” which obviously he don’t even know and advised them if they continue to harass this woman they will be ticketed and or arrested! It funny how this Deputy went out of his way to threaten and harass this woman , ILLEGALLY, but when there is criminal damage to property, THEY DO NOT MAKE A POLICE REPORT and they tell you to take pictures and start a civil suit and there’s nothing they can do!!!! NOW THAT'S CRIMINAL!

Perhaps we need some experts DOCTORS, CRIMINAL PSYCHIATRISTS to evaluate the Sheriff and his Deputies and they may as well evaluate the Judges and the Prosecuting and other attorneys as well for not only our benefit, but for theirs as well! As we have reported many times, there are many “loose cannons” out there awaiting to be picked on! And one of these tyrants will, not maybe, regret their intentional and illegal actions, IF they are still around to admit it! WE do not want to see ANYONE get hurt, incarcerated or extorted in anyway shape or form!

THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THIS WOMAN WAS HARASSED BY A NEWTON COUNTY DEPUTY as we’ve reported last fall! (review this link They stalked her as she was passed out behind the wheel of her car in the parking lot of the old folks home on County Line Road, perhaps almost died after having an attack and a Deputy sat there for over an hour watching her, for he was more interested in giving her a “dui” then he was serving and protecting the community! His actions backfired on him immensely and he still insisted that she blow to see if she was drinking as if his derelict actions were NOT bad enough! This is a total outrage! People of this community should gather together and protest these behaviors and or be ashamed of themselves ESPECIALLY when they allegedly attend all of these “alleged churches” around here! We believe because of this gross negligence, they MUST be bogus! So once again Newton County GETS what Newton County deserves… only some innocent people fall victim!

Isnt it funny how the "alleged POLICE" subversely DO NOT leave their business card and their identification!!! THAT SHOULD be protocol!!!