Indiana Attorney General responds

These addresses are some of the individuals and entities that received what you are about to read

From: campaign for the citizens of Indiana []
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 4:46 PM
To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Constituent;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Subject: A Complaint Form filed with the Attorney Gerneral of Indiana (please forward)


State of Indiana

Office of the Attorney General

Consumer Protection Division

302 W. Washington Street, 5th floor

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Dear Attorney General Greg Zoeller,

I am contacting you today so that you may intervene appropriately in this matter. I have contacted the both The Indiana State Police and Governor Mitch Daniels to no avail. As this has been brought to my attention, The Indiana State Police, Newton County Sheriffs and other public departments are now “corporations” in which you SHOULD have the ability to go after fraud, deception , theft and any other civil liberties, “rights” or violations which are being taken from us or that we are victims of! If not, you SHOULD and we INSIST you cooperate and work with the appropriate department to do so! We pay taxes so that certain services and needs we expect our government and law enforcement to do are accomplished to our expectations not theirs or their hidden agenda! We see this as a business transaction or FRAUD!

Please review the documentation and PROOF that we tried to handle this to the best of our ability to achieve some sort of working relationship and understanding! Since an Indiana State Trooper “unlawfully and forcefully” entered my home I expect the release of his bond (which I believe may be $50,000.00)! Since Lt. Louis Brown and Governor Daniels refuse to cooperate or correspond with me, I would like the release of their bonds as well! For they now are clearly implicated in this violation! I believe one of the terms that can be considered for all offenders is “derelict of duty” amongst many others, such as fraud and deception!

Because of all the outstanding and surrounding circumstances and other incidents that have occurred, I hold your department responsible for seeing to it that these nuisance behaviors and terrorizing tactics stop and that the constant barrage of harassment (as indicated) is brought to a complete halt. This to include contacting the local Sheriff’s Departments, Indiana State Police and other local law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys, attorneys, city/county/state/federal councils to “cease and desist” any further actions/harassment or attempts to further impoverish me and my family! For as a matter of fact, as we clearly depict how they work in collusion under color of law! See for further documentation of damages!

Until resolution, restoration and restitution are brought to me and my family, understand this will not go away or be considered closed!

Let it be known and recorded as of this date that we OBJECT to all unlawful and unconstitutional acts that are being perpetrated upon the citizens on a daily basis, again under color of law!

Please contact me for any other additional information you may need. And when I can expect my resolution, restoration and restitution!

Thank you for looking of for the “Best Interest” of the people, in the State of Indiana!


Mr. Martin

---------------------- more notable NOTES and what we believe to be " facts " --------------------------------------------------------

this message below was also delivered to the Attorney Generals Office of Indiana!

As we further discussed and tried to figure out why there are so many police cars giving tickets on Route 10 in Newton County very so often, we finally came up with the ONLY reason that made sense!

Before we go anywhere with this we do NOT accept there guile attempts to make the general public think it’s for our safety and that they care about us! OTHERWISE these letters would NOT be written!

It’s called “traveling freely to and fro” ……… isn’t that somewhere in the constitution?

We had mulled over the idea how we personally witness cars that are traveling at a much greater, higher rate of speed on I-65 which Troopers and Deputies could EASILY get their fair share of tickets which would tally a MUCH greater fines to “support” the County as some claim "they“ (the police) are here as ”Revenue Generators” and that is it! O no…absolutely not...they are purposely targeting the people here in North Newton County to subdue them cause unrest and get them “used to” this kind of treatment, so that it is “expected”! This is more out of the “sickness” of controlling people with FORCE and COLOR OF LAW! This statement will NOT be argued do to all the hard facts at hand and what we have documented over the course of years at

It was also brought to our attention that Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Drinski killed a man who was cuffed while “acting” as Deputy! He should have been brought up for manslaughter charges or something of the like, BUT instead, because of what we profess, he was promoted to Lieutenant, and then became an attorney and now a Prosecuting Attorney! NOW when he was campaigning he adamantly bragged about his action, taking a mans life! Whether he was right or wrong (we believe he has more than wrong, more like, “guilty”!) that should have never been said by a man who has class and MEANS to do right, by the PEOPLE Inadvertently, we believe he was relaying a message! We believe he is in place because it serves the purpose of the corrupt ways this county works under! He showed the "superiors" he is and was capable of being corrupt at one of the hisghest levels! Under the guise or color of law!

Furthermore it was told to us that a woman was raped her in Newton County. It’s almost two years and there’s been no conviction. It was said that they have dna evidence and all kinds of undeniable proof. BUT because this alleged offender is a snitch / informant for the County the prosecuting attorneys office is dragging this out and looking to let this criminal slide! Allegedly using some lame excuse that they are not sure what County it happened in!

It was said in the local paper that Kim Anderson quit her job! (Who would leave such a lucrative position in these trying times? please) Other sources say she was forced from her position, because she exposed some of the corruption in the County, gave Public Information to people who the local government did not want to leak out, because of implications of their wrong doing, because she would NOT destroy documents that also PROVE the corruption, fraud, deception and INTENTION of this County, called Newton!

It is now fair to say that “they” (Local and State government) our working in collusion to subdue ,detain and impoverish the people of these fair Counties!

All that is written here is what we “believe” to be true!


Give it a few days for the Attorneys General to receive this and then contact him and ASK him what he is going to do about this .. not only for one familys sake, but that of the families ALL ACROSS INDIANA!

do something "patriotic" for once....for YOURSELF! and your families and communities!

if you really want to make sure the Attorney General received it check this link

and put this number in 7009 1410 0000 3888 4405 it was sent return receipt mail!

remember forward this to as many friends, family members and neighbors!


Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 10:31:50 -0400
Subject: RE: A Complaint Form filed with the Attorney Gerneral of Indiana (please forward)

Thank you for your email. The Indiana Attorney General serves as legal counsel for the state and certain state agencies. We cannot take a complaint on the Governor or any state agency.

now Mr Martins rebuttal - sent return receipt mail 7009 1410 0000 3888 4412:


State of Indiana

Office of the Attorney General

Consumer Protection Division

302 W. Washington Street, 5th floor

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Addendum to Complaint against Indiana State Police (dated 08/31/2011)

Dear Attorney General Greg Zoeller,

I am contacting you once more as I have reviewed my situation with some sources that have brought good points to me for you to address and make awareness, immediately! Because of the repeated damage that me and my family have sustained over the course of 14 years including but not limited to negligence, fraud, derelict actions and biased decisions of local “authorities”, such as Sheriff’s Departments, Indiana State Police, Prosecuting Attorneys, Attorneys, Judges, Bar Associations, Attorneys Disciplinary Commission, etc. as it is of my utmost concern and due diligence to see to it that YOU make sure this does not happen anymore. (I have contacted these “authorities” and many more to NO AVAIL which leads me to believe they ALL are a “fraud”!)

Let this NOTICE serve as a recorded document as of this day that if I have ANY other litigation, law suits, etc. in the State of Indiana, in Any County, or anywhere else in the States that the outcome will NOT be interfered with, swayed or manipulated in any way, shape or form as they have obviously done to me in the past, (in collusion) with intent to further subdue and impoverish me, my household and that your department will act on my behalf not only to protect my best interest and retreive my losses but further incarcerate these perpetrators! As we personally witnessed, Let it be known that all listed resources above, but not limited to, are NOT suitable or reasonable authorities to call upon!

Any negative decisions, interference, outcomes or actions made against me or my family will be OBVIOUS and immediately addressed, directly to you! We expect you will be or responsible for finding us appropriate “counsel”! Let it be known, for as hard as we tried, mysteriously, we could NOT find “counsel” for all issues we personally went through as previously documented! Perhaps it could be that it reveals the fraud of which we fall victim too? Certainly our damages are astronomical and it would appear to be a lucrative opportunity to attract an attorney, but through our attempts, it appears to be an impossibility! You will not play part AGAINST us, in this Catch-22! As for now, The State Trooper, his supervisor and the Governor will be held accountable!

It had been brought to my attention that because I have made many attempts to get restitution for the grief and damages they caused, by what they did, they are awaiting for an opportune time to get retaliation! NOW, you are aware of my concerns and their intent! We expect and insist on action and protection! Preferably termination of those who are “derelict of duty” for this cannot continue! Nor should this make way for new candidates to carry out old tactics!

Please contact me for any other additional information you may need. And when I can expect my resolution, restoration and restitution! We believe that all that is stated here to be true and certain. Please respond in writing within two weeks of delivery by United States mail!

Thank you for looking of for the “Best Interest” of the people, in the State of Indiana!


Mr Martin

here's the attachment:

Supporting evidence that state and local police /sheriffs departments are eroding relationships with the citizens


And that they have other ulterior motives and reasoning behind their corrupt and heinous actions!

Ticket quotas should be outlawed in Indiana of they are not already and tyrant Commanders, Commissioners, Chiefs Sheriffs should be monitored. Indiana does NOT have any sort of active disciplinary board or committee that works diligently for the people! At least not that we have been made aware of! Any entity we have contacted in this state has failed us and been found to be corrupt! Corrupt to the illicit ways that are perpetrated upon its citizens!

8/22/2011 10:42 AM ET|

Town slams brakes on traffic tickets

A small city in Northern California has sharply reduced the number of citations, and the number of accidents there has dropped as well. Are tickets simply overused?

Speeders venturing off I-80 in Northern California shouldn't get the wrong idea. The little city of Roseville, north of Sacramento, hasn't nixed traffic tickets altogether.
But it has cut the number of moving citations issued by a striking 84%, and no one's complaining.
Drivers received 1,317 traffic tickets in the first six months of 2011, compared with 8,236 during the same time last year, after City Manager Ray Kerridge, a former engineer, said he wanted police to focus on long-term solutions and not feel pressured to write tickets. Nor did he want drivers to feel ambushed by speed traps.
Officers are now assigned dangerous areas and asked to be creative, consulting with community leaders and traffic engineers if need be.

"If collisions are high at one intersection, tell me how to solve that," Roseville Police Chief Daniel Hahn says. "It might be red lights or erecting a median," or simply beefing up presence at certain hours.
"Well, the whole time you're doing that -- that you're not writing tickets -- you're solving the problem. You're permanently solving the problem," Hahn says.
The results so far? The number of traffic accidents in Roseville, population 115,000, was down 7% in the first six months of this year.

Fewer tickets. Fewer accidents. Cheaper insurance.
Why not do this everywhere?

Aren't traffic tickets all about safety?

In 1903, when New York City adopted William P. Eno's " Rules of the Road ," the foundation of modern traffic protocol, the city immediately created a concurrent battalion of police to enforce those rules. This was decades before the states began issuing driver's licenses, in the 1930s.
Still, it was wise thinking. Modern academic research supports the notion that drivers are far more likely to obey traffic laws when they fear getting caught. (Knowing how much your car insurance rates could rise is also a deterrent.)
The question is whether traffic tickets are the only solution. Or, as the budding example of Roseville indicates, might issuing more tickets even be the poorer option?
Given the toll of traffic accidents -- 33,000 deaths a year and at least $150 billion in associated annual costs -- even those who oppose aggressive enforcement measures don't want to risk road safety.

To an officer with a hammer, everything looks like a nail

Citations are needed, and "tickets are never going to go away," Hahn says. But citations often offer temporary relief only. "I don't think you can say, 'This is my solution to everything.' You have to allow people to use their intelligence and be innovative."
The problem, say critics, is that tickets offer some attractive perks that can lead to overuse: namely, quick revenue for strapped municipalities and a simplistic way to supposedly measure an officer's work.

Continued: The speeding-ticket treadmill

In many states, "ticket quotas" -- unofficially used for whatever reason -- are expressly outlawed. In some states, cities that collect too much in ticket revenue must relinquish the excess.
With an average cost of $120 to $150 each, tickets generate $4.5 billion to $6 billion annually, the National Motorists Association estimates.

"Every jurisdiction is hungry for money, and the way they can get it is they offer overtime, and the guys with the heavy pencils will get the overtime," says Casey Raskob, a New York traffic lawyer.

The speeding-ticket treadmill

Elected officials tend to deny that fines are used to generate revenue, but even objective research has supported the phenomenon.
Drivers don't like it. Citizens don't like it. But perhaps no one dislikes the push for traffic tickets more than police officers themselves, who say the intricacy and delicacy of their job requires that they be allowed to select the best response for each situation. And issuing a ticket to meet department performance standards or city quotas is not always the best route to promoting public safety, police say.
(Police unions have filed multiple lawsuits against the practice in municipalities around the country. In April, a jury awarded $2 million to two Los Angeles patrolmen who said they were retaliated against by police brass after complaining about the practice.)
"Not all violations are created equal, and not all violators are created equal," says Jeffrey Silva, a former patrol officer who now serves as a detective lieutenant and a lawyer in Massachusetts.
"An experienced driver in good weather conditions, in a car with good tires with no one on the road, going 20 mph over the speed limit, is not the same as a 17-year-old with no experience, with bald tires in the rain, with school in session," he says. "And there are a million gradations between those two scenarios."
As the police chief in Roseville emphasized, the ultimate goal is public safety.

Even after a traffic stop is made, sometimes an officer's message is better received with a warning and an explanation rather than a $200 fine.
"You may get more value out of that," says Silva. "The driver thinks, 'Wow, he really cares about my safety, he didn't give me a ticket.' Every citizen contact is an opportunity for the officer to advance or erode community relations."
This article was reported by Karen Aho for

----- and this letter dated September 7th, 2011 also was included with the return receipt mail 7009 1410 0000 3888 4412 :


State of Indiana

Office of the Attorney General

Consumer Protection Division

302 W. Washington Street, 5th floor

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Response from Indiana Attorney General’s Office:

“Thank you for your email. The Indiana Attorney General serves as legal counsel for the state and certain state agencies. We cannot take a complaint on the Governor or any state agency. “

Dear Attorney General Greg Zoeller,

I object to this answer! Let’s deal with facts! First, as it is known the state can never do anything wrong! Secondly when ANY employee of the “state” is derelict of duty and disobeys their oath they no longer are part of the “state” and considered a civilian! They no longer have or are qualified for protection from the “state”! You can go after Mr. Mitch Daniels and the other two offenders, as we insist!

Don’t LIE and tell me the Attorney General cannot act on my behalf (or against the governor) review : (see printed copy attached)

One of the most quotable quotes from Attorney General Lisa Madigan in that article "In the interim, state government is paralyzed by a governor who is incapable of governing," she said.”

This CLEARLY applies here as well!

I pay Taxes to the “state”! The last fact I recall was that the relationship between citizen and government was one of Master and Slave! (If this has changed, please address this relationship immediately and refund all monies I’ve paid into the “state” as I have been defrauded and guiled into believing otherwise! And you can pay me handsomely for my property at “threefold” including relocation expenses! These are my demands!) At this point since I am the Master and it behooves me that the Slave turns his back on his duty for I am entitled to protection by “the state”. You WILL NOT put me in Double Jeopardy or a Catch-22 situation with your words games! AND I insist and demand that you do something. No matter what you say, unless you implicate yourself as well, The Indiana Attorney General’s Office will either bring relief and restitution to me and my family by going after illicit, illegal actions by “persons” who are derelict of duty OR aid and abet this activity! There is NO gray area! I believe I have just as much entitlement to your service as anyone else in this state! What matters is who the offender is! And that is clearly indicated to you!

When I or any other citizen does wrong, you have police or some agency all over us, taking money in the name of a fine or penalty or incarcerating people! In many cases illegally so (by unconstitutional “codes”), with complete disregard to our constitution, yet when one of your subjects (employees) acts illegal there is no penalty of consequences of which they SHOULD be held to higher standards because of the benefits they reap for doing pretty much nothing!

Regardless of what you write, you cannot say that you cannot do anything! For as we document CLEARLY the County and State do as they please, under “color of law”! So therefore you do have the means to bring resolution, advise and take action, in a fair manner, to us! Certainly you can litigate and or mediate the situation to our favor, since we ARE the victims! Finding an attorney is an impossibility so far. As it was told to us, that no attorney is going to take this case for as he does “future” business in any court room, he will be silently blackballed for going AGAINST the system, which totally puts us in a Catch-22 position and showing and making this system a total fraud! In another words you’ve put us or forced us in a predicament or position where there is NO COUNSEL! You MUST act on our behalf!

We believe that you NOW are intentionally and deliberating continuing and ALLOWING this form of harassment and unrest through unfair and unusual “due process” when we believe you do have the ability, intelligence and savvy to put this to rest, YET you choose not too! ANYTHING said less, is a total discredit to you, your Oath and the People of the State of Indiana!

AS said in a previous dated letter “ Let this NOTICE serve as a recorded document as of this day that if I have ANY other litigation, law suits, etc. in the State of Indiana, in Any County, or anywhere else in the States that the outcome will NOT be interfered with, swayed or manipulated in any way, shape or form as they have obviously done to me in the past, (in collusion) with intent to further subdue and impoverish me, my household and that your department will act on my behalf not only to protect my best interest and retrieve my losses but further incarcerate these perpetrators! As we personally witnessed, Let it be known that all listed resources above, but not limited to, are NOT suitable or reasonable authorities to call upon!” So with this being known, in the event there is interference you will be contacted directly with a total sum of damages and the offender or offenders who are responsible for adding additional damage to our family further subduing ad continuing to impoverish our life! At this point, our word and the erroneous decision will be enough proof to provide you with for us to make a collection from your office! In another words once more…this constant barrage of attacks from these “alleged” authorities MUST stop! (Example: Jeff Drinski dropped me as his client well knowing I could not proceed in court yet he originally bilked hundreds of dollars from me guiling me into believing he would help me! Then reneged on his contract with no time for me to find proper counsel in which I lost over Two thousand dollars with smoking gun evidence! And then the Attorneys Disciplinary Committee doesn’t find anything wrong with this FRAUD?!) AGAIN, ANY further wrong doing of this nature or any other will be reported to you immediately and I will expect swift recovery of all funds plus additional restitution for intentional stress and duress FOR this is made known to you upfront! You ought to investigate these attorneys as well for doing that same act to many other victims of crimes in this area, bilking and pilfering money from them adding additional grief, duress and financial trouble, from what we believe to be “corporations” as they call themselves and then they renege on the victim leaving them with NO COUNSEL!! Now this is the SECOND time you and yours are leaving me with NO COUNSEL and I am not having it! This will not be something I will pay for either. You ARE the resource and you will help us! I OBJECT! You are totally out of control and I demand that you personally get involved and bring swift resolution to this! You are now duly informed!

We expect a response in writing within two weeks upon return receipt of this letter. We also believe all to be written here to be true and certain unless you otherwise indicate in detail! Otherwise let it be fair to say that you agree with any and all statements made in any forum or Court of law!

Thank you for looking of for the “Best Interest” of the people, in the State of Indiana!


Mr. Martin

the attachment :

Illinois attorney general asks court to act on governor


December 12, 2008

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says Gov. Rod Blagojevich needs to step down.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan on Friday asked her state's highest court to remove Gov. Rod Blagojevich from office temporarily.

Moments after Madigan's announcement, news broke that Blagojevich's chief of staff, John Harris, had resigned, a spokesman for the governor said.

Blagojevich, 52, and Harris, 46, were arrested this week on federal corruption charges relating in part to the selection of a successor to President-elect Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat.

The governor's attorney has said Blagojevich did nothing wrong.

Madigan's office also asked the Illinois Supreme Court to strip Blagojevich of duties, including appointing Obama's Senate replacement.

"I recognize that this is an extraordinary request, but these are extraordinary circumstances," Madigan said Friday in Chicago.

Madigan said she wants Blagojevich out of office because, given the charges against him, she does not think he can do his job. The court filing asks that Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn become acting governor.

"As governor, Mr. Blagojevich's duty is to do what is best for the people of the state of Illinois, not for himself," Madigan said.

When asked by CNN whether he had anything to say to Illinoisans, Blagojevich said Friday that he will wait to speak at the "appropriate time."

As he left his attorney's office, the governor did not answer a question on whether he is going to resign, saying only, "I'll have a lot to say at the appropriate time."

The Illinois Legislature is scheduled to convene in a special session Monday to discuss a special election for the Senate seat. Madigan said she encourages lawmakers to move forward with impeachment proceedings.

"In the interim, state government is paralyzed by a governor who is incapable of governing," she said.

It was not immediately clear if and when the state Supreme Court would take up the matter.

In the filings, Madigan has asked the court for a temporary restraining order or an injunction on Blagojevich acting as governor, arguing that he is unable to serve due to disability and should not hold the office.

"Just as impeachment or resignation constitutes a disability that renders an individual unable to serve as governor, pending federal criminal charges of this nature and severity are a disability that has rendered Mr. Blagojevich unable to serve," Madigan wrote.

At Friday's news conference, Madigan said, "The term 'disability,' legally, is very broad," adding that it's "not simply isolated to a physical or a mental disability."

(Page 2 of 2)

If the governor were to resign, the filings would become moot, Madigan said.

She said it is important the Legislature decide to proceed with impeachment proceedings.

"My actions will not eliminate the need for impeachment and trial," she said.

Key Illinois Democratic legislators began circulating a letter Thursday urging support for the governor's impeachment.

The letter, which was sent out by Rep. John Fritchey, head of the House Civil Judiciary Committee, said the impeachment filing was being prepared. Lawmakers said they expected that the process -- the state House would bring charges against Blagojevich, and the state Senate would try him -- would take "a matter of weeks rather, than months."

Obama also has called for Blagojevich to step down.

In related news Friday, a source said Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama's chief of staff, has been notified that he is not a target of the investigation.

And U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who was identified as "Senate Candidate 5" in the criminal complaint, said he is trying to get "my name back."

"I'm fighting now for my character, and I'm also fighting for my life," he said. "This is about my children being able to Google their name in five years and there be nothing there associated with them that suggests anything wrong."

In the criminal complaint, which mentions six Senate candidates, Candidate 5 is the only one whom Blagojevich said engaged in discussion through an emissary about possibly raising money for the governor in exchange for the Senate position.

However, a law enforcement official close to the investigation said there was no evidence -- other than the governor's taped remarks -- that Jackson or others on his behalf ever approached the governor in an improper way.

The embattled governor, who has not responded to calls for his resignation, met Friday morning with several pastors at his house on Chicago's North Side.

"We offered prayer with the family in the home," said the Rev. Marshall Hatch of Chicago's New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church.

He said he and two other pastors arrived at the governor's house about 7:30 a.m.

"We talked yesterday," he said, and "we offered to come by and pray with the family. They just asked for prayer, for he and the children, especially."

Blagojevich and his wife, Patti, have two daughters, Amy, 10, and Annie, 4.

Hatch said the governor gave no indication of his next move. "I think we were careful not to entertain that subject with him," Hatch said.

"We wanted to keep it pastoral, and we really just talked about some of the aspirational themes and history and how important it is to keep your faith in God in the toughest of times."

The governor was upbeat, Hatch said, adding that Blagojevich is "being strong, of course, for his family."

Blagojevich has not commented publicly on the charges, but his lawyer Sheldon Sorosky said this week that his client "feels he didn't do anything wrong."

"He hopes the people of Illinois have faith in him because he will be vindicated," Sorosky said.

------------------------------------------end of letters sent to Indiana Attorney Generals Office------------------------------------------

Because of All you have read and KNOW now...

Let it be clearly know that Mr Martin and his Family do NOT feel safe in their HOME!

What part of HELP do you NOT understand?

What part of restitution, restoration and compensation does one not understand?


The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.

-- Albert Einstein

More Good Aphorisms:

The best form of government is that which is most likely to prevent the greatest sum of evil.

--James Monroe

There can be no liberty for a community which lacks the means by which to detect lies.

--Walter Lippman, (1889-1974)

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.

--Abraham Lincoln, (1809-1865)

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

--Aldous Huxley

Truth never damages a cause that is just.

--Mohandas K. Gandhi

There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS.

--Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948)

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.

--Thomas Jefferson

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.

--James Madison, (1751-1836)

I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.

--Franklin D. Roosevelt, (1882-1945)

all found at this link:

A message to the Media, All Politicians, Public Servants and Citizens of Indiana and the United States: Because we pray to God for assistance since it appears MAN does not want to help this family or Any other family that lives in Indiana who fall victim to these heinous crimes..we MUST give him , our LORD some time and mention…..

If everyone would listen to these audio files (namely Sept 7-8) and get into a Bible and become more conscience about what they do each day and how it effects or affects other peoples lives MAYBE we will have a better place to live one day!

What other means, examples or laws are there to go by?

What other MENTOR do we have?


If ANYONE knows a good attorney a "peoples attorney"...not a sellout...please have them contact us immediately!

Certainly, for him or her this can be lucrative!


as was said in our initial email below

It is now fair to say that “they” (Local and State government) our working in collusion to subdue ,detain and impoverish the people of these fair Counties!

All that is written here is what we “believe” to be true!


Give it a few days for the Attorneys General to receive this and then contact him and ASK him what he is going to do about this .. not only for one familys sake, but that of the families ALL ACROSS INDIANA!

do something "patriotic" for once....for YOURSELF! and your families and communities!

please forward to all citizens around the country so as to "set example" as to be PROACTIVE in resolving issues properly and accordingly!


The Indiana Attorney General responds once more, in a written letter dated September 20, 2011:

Dear Mr. Martin,

Thank you for contacting the Consumer Protection Division regarding you recent consumer complaint.

Our attorneys have reviewed your case file. Based on the information you provided, we concluded that we do not have jurisdiction over this matter. Accordingly, we are unable to pursue your complaint at this time.

Although the Consumer Protection division is unable to handle your complaint, you may wish to seek legal advise from a private attorney, legal aid society or the attorney referral service through your local county bar association. The following link provides information on free legal services for low –income elderly Indiana residents………..

Please feel free to contact us in the future regarding this or any other matter!



Mr. Martin responds in a letter dated September 22, 2011:

Dear Attorney General Greg Zoeller & Allison Bernd,

Thank you for responding and acknowledging receipt of my complaint!

My first response to you is, I OBJECT!

I OBJECT, based CLEARLY on the evidence I have provided you, The Indiana Trooper, his Superior and Governor Mitch Daniels are all “derelict of duty” nor are they obeying their oath of office, and acting under color of law! It is obvious to us and we believe the “alleged attorneys” who reviewed this have ulterior motives and or are clearly biased in favor of these said offenders and their heinous ways! Further more we have contacted many Bar Associations, private attorneys, etc. to no avail, CONVIENENTLY leaving us with NO COUNSEL! This is overwhelming!

Further more, as your department suggests, as other state agencies do, to hire a private attorney! Beguiling them into another trap! Let us tell you a fact of how that works. As we have previously been played victim to this scenario, hiring an attorney in this County who seeks out/bilks money from a victim, exploits their duress and trouble situation, then recuses himself at the last minute leaving the victim hopelessly forced into a bind! (Just read my documentation/links carefully) As of this day because of what YOU KNOW, advising people into this trap in inexcusable and NOT A REASONABLE option! OTHERWISE, we can only believe, it is an INTENTIONAL SET UP! This is beyond ruthless!

WE will NOT ARGUE that we are due and expect restitution! We do believe you have the means to litigate and or mediate a solution to these crimes so that this WILL not happen again and that we are duly compensated for the damages! Because of this, We do NOT feel safe in our home!

In the mean time I demand a phone number to call in the event that I need police service where as I WILL NOT be treated in ANY biased ways or have my rights violated so that someone arrives to “aid a victim”?!

I also demand a Court room that will NOT be biased in any way shape or form that we can enter to carry on any legal needs that we have!

Because I have, in part, revealed the true colors of the derelicts in my community and the State, I have been informed that local authorities are anxiously waiting to retaliate in some one way or another! Your Office MUST protect me against any MORE acts or crimes, heinous or otherwise! AND I insist and demand that you do!

This will remain open indefinitely for we cannot be constricted to any time limits because of the intentional duress that we have been put into and now forced into a situation with no REASONABLE COUNSEL! Which appears to be an intentional catch 22 situation, if you refuse to act upon, we can and do hold you liable! Informal and or formal investigation will be ongoing! The last time I checked, LEGALLY, NO ONE is to interfere or harass ANYONE involved in such matters! I expect a State ”Order of Protection” as part of reasonable action taken on my behalf!

We expect to hear from you within 10 days upon receipt of this letter, otherwise you do agree, as a contract, in ANY forum, to all that is written, to be true and certain!

Thank you for looking of for the “Best Interest” of the people, in the State of Indiana!


Mr Martin

Sent return receipt USPS 7010 3090 0003 0896 6824

What Mr. Martin failed to say is that it is completely ludicrous, ridiculous and in fact a CRIME to tell citizens (or beguile them) into contacting the local bar, when the local bar attorneys, in fact, work in collusion with crooked law enforcement! By now that is a FACT!

The Indiana Attorney Generals ADMITS receipt of the complaint and documentation that CLEARLY depict s unlawful behavior and wrong doing with INTENT! That is a FACT!

The Indiana Attorney makes NO attempt to correct the unlawful behavior and wrong doing with intent, which proves and serious biased position taken with such heinous crimes being committed! That is a FACT!

We believe, through their acknowledgement, that the Indiana Attorney General is helping these crimes to be perpetuated, CLEARLY through their own words! And the NO COUNSEL should help, assist or placate in anyway shape or form HARM to the citizens of our State! That is a FACT!

The Indiana Attorney General provides NO REASONABLE solution or COUNSEL for Mr. . . Martin, nor do they make any attempt at restitution he more than deserves! That is a FACT!

NO COUNSEL can aid and abet or turn a blind eye to the unlawful activity of ANY person or entity, of which you have been duly informed! That is a FACT!

Mr. Martin fails to mention that because of his honor and due diligence towards “true law” or which he has proven himself at over the last few years, to be so much more respectable then ANY of these alleged “local and state authorities” by revealing their true color, he would never get any favor trial, anywhere in the State of Indiana, unless provided with a true unbiased constitutional abiding court room which we feel fails to exist in this State! Certainly, by those standards it would be in Mr. Martins FAVOR and “we” couldn’t have that could we?

To see previous correspondence with the Indiana Attorney General (see attachment)

After reviewing this link

Emails were sent out on 09/22/2011 to individuals and the newsroom involved in this article, Mr. Tim Lanane, Erin Berger the attorney in the case Barns vs. State of Indiana, Professor Joel Schumm, and Maureen Hayden the author of the article! These letters where asking for help and as a source of information, yet to no avail! Isn’t that unusual? People of this caliber should be seeking this kind of information to better assess the “needs” and the surrounding circumstances of the situation, for application of the “LAW”!

Mr. Martin did fail to mention to the “Professor” that somewhere, sometime, these “Schools” need to “take” responsibility! EVEYONE does, but when schools are grooming the children of today to become menacing lawyers, judges and police officers, something is diabolically wrong! Because this subject we speak of is not something new, “schools” should have in place, some class that specifically tells and instructs their students what to do when faced with unlawful orders from superiors without threat or repercussions to their job, position or income! This should be MANDATORY in ANY position, job or field of work that GIVES a person the ABILITY to threaten the life or livelihood or another individual in any, way shape or form!

As it was reported to us, A woman was coming home , we believe it was the night of September 21st, 2011 (possibly the 22nd) when she fell ill and pulled into the parking lot of the old folks home on County Line Road in Newton County just north off of State Road 10! She was awakened by Newton County Deputys flash light at approximately 2:00am. He asked her if she was alright! She said no and told him she had a condition and was just taking a break and had a pounding headache! He told her that she HAD to take a breathalyzer! He told her that he had been watching her for the last hour and a half to 2 hours! She immediately said back to him that she had not been drinking and asked him what if I was dying!

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! This derelict could have witnessed a woman die JUST because he thought he was staking a dui victim! He WASTED 2 HOURS of our tax paying time to watch a women sleep so that what (we believe) he could “potentially” get a bonus from his derelict boss or some flunkey attorney! A real police man would address the situation, help if it was needed and if the person was intoxicated would have dealt with that appropriately ! We believe, a “P.I.”, public intox, was good not enough for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s what he was thinking and the problem IS..these cops DO NOT THINK! They WANT to create as much damage as they can, by negligence of their intended duty!!

He could have been on I-65 writing tickets or dui’s out there!!!

This cop was not there in no way shape of form for safety but as a head hunter and then INSULTED this woman by insisting that she blow! You cannot even try to use the word discretion in this case! ABUSE, yes!

This has just got to stop!

So with all that being said, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller my friend, if these crimes do not “cease and desist” YOU ultimately are responsible for perpetrating this heinous acts crimes !

At this point, it not about what you “think” but it’s about what we KNOW!

This is beyond some idiots discretion!!!

We can only hope that this message is used to the full extent as is was meant to! So that the Indiana Attorney Generals ACT S accordingly, in OUR favor! AND that everyone else who get this message does their job, like reporters , reporting with due diligence to the people, Commissioners, Councilmen and women taking this to the next meeting to MAKE sure this does NOT ever happen again! Congressmen, Senators, Representatives, etc. acting in our favor to see to it that Indiana is a safer place to live! With all that we report THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR! LEGAL or otherwise! (illegally maybe so!)

Furthermore As it was told to us, an offender in Newton County is up on rape charges of which there is smoking gun evidence, when Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Drinksi is questioned about what he is going to do, he giggles and say that guys up on charges in Jasper County, were not even going to waste out time! This here is NOT about discretion either .. its about DUE PROCESS of the law! You better believe if his wife was raped there would be no giggling and the offender would have probably had a deadly accident! AT the very least he would be “tried” in court, regardless! (with no jury of course!) (O well rumor has it that the guy is a county snitch!~ ) How do you think this woman feels that our hero Drinski is going to let this guy off scott free?

Perhaps one day when the people of the County take their heads out of the booze bottle or their dope they are on (prescribed or not!) MAYBE we’ll see some change! As Perry Stone said the other night, our nation is suffering from a spiritual attack! Its evil spirits that are causing ALL the grief you have read here, in the papers and across the world. Quite a simple explanation! You are evil or you are good,there is NO in between NOW can you decipher WHO”S WHO?

LET IT BE KNOWN…that Mr. Martins menacing neighbor has been stalking and harassing him for countless years ALL CLEARLY documented in Newton County Sheriff’s Department, Indiana State Police and the Newton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office! As other neighbors and friends play witness to these menacing and intentional acts by, what they believe to be his, “mentally disturbed neighbor”, they are now starting to believe that since ALL these authorities KNOW and are AWARE, YET do nothing, we cannot rule out that they are ALLOWING this to happen, all in spite of Mr. Martins efforts to obtain restitution and clean up corruption in the surrounding Counties! We believe this to be RETALIATION!

Anyone wishing to donate to help out any of these families and the CAUSE to help make our community a safe place to live once again...please send your CASH DONATIONS to: P.O. Box 3 Roselawn, Indiana 46372

We encourage everyone to consider this information, next time you VOTE! Does your candidate know the United States Constitution? Do they honor, abide and uphold it? Will they continue to do? ..Under terms of perjury and treason? ASK THEM!

may God Bless US ALL!