Voting in Newton and Jasper County Indiana

PRESIDENTS DAY Message 02/15/2010

PRESIDENTS DAY Message       02/15/2010



(our Founding Fathers would be appalled at what you are about to read)


Are you Voting in Newton or Jasper County Indiana?


We suggest you be completely informed of WHO you are VOTING for and WHAT "trouble" you are setting yourself up for if you make the WRONG choice!


We say this as FACT, through our own experiences!


Are you aware you can "write in" a VOTE  "no eligible candidates"   that may be your best choice!!!!  review this letter sent out below"


CLICK HERE and read about Jeremy Lawson for Sheriff in Newton County, Indiana! "Jeremy Lawson has promised to help eradicate our problems, by upholding CONSTITUTIONAL LAW....VOTE LAWSON for SHERIFF in NEWTON COUNTY..unfortunately no one has come to us with the "best interest in mind" of the Jasper County residents!...YET!"
if you really want to do your this book, "The County Sheriff..America's Last Hope" Sheriff Richard Mack! ..& let this give more credence to our cause!

CLICK HERE and read an inquiry delivered to the Candidates for Sheriff "A Questionnaire delivered to the Candidates so they may reply to the "true" needs of our community!"





Indiana Election Division

302 West Washington Street

Indianapolis , Indiana 46204


To whom it may concern:


Now that Election time is around the corner, we are finding signs posted on the roadways of our township with individuals who want to run for Office. For example, Jeff Drinski wants to run for Newton County Prosecutor.  We believe his slogan reads, a “prosecution that never rests” and we clearly demonstrate that his motives may be true, but only to defraud, bilk and deceive VICTIMS as well!

Please review our website/blog   


and a radio interview:     !


 We clearly demonstrate that these individuals should NOT be practicing law, let alone being allowed to run for public office due to the facts that they have already breached public trust! Let us list a few names: Attorney Jeff Drinski, Attorney Ed Barce, Attorney Charles Dargo, Attorney Harry Falk, Newton County Sheriff Donald Hartman, Newton County Judge Daniel Molter, Newton County Judge Leach,  Jasper County Judge Potter, Newton County Prosecutor Investigator Bud King, Newton County Deputy Prosecutor Joe Morrison anyone we may have forgotten to report from our list at the website or any attorney who has collaborated or worked in collusion with any of the individuals said above!

 You certainly cannot rule out the FACT that there are colleges with honor students who are seeking jobs who would clearly do a better job!

  Newton County and or Prosecuting Attorney Ed Barce still have NOT compensated me for the damages THEY are now responsible for, as clearly demonstrated at the web site.


 We trust that your Commission will follow up on this aggressively, giving the citizens of our Counties, REASONABLE options to vote for, when the time comes!

  In the event you take no action, it will more then obvious that you will be LETTING these individuals commit these crimes against innocent victims !


Thank you for your time, understanding and vigilant cooperation!


(Jeff Drinski still has not compensated his client for money he bilked/deceived from him!) Trustworthy does NOT describe him! Since he has been involved, as described at our links above, can you imagine what other illicit activities he will be involved in NOW that you KNOW, what he does and who he "works" in collusion with!  Quite demonic!


AS you will read these Officials "Pick on" the disabled!


Are you next?  Are you willing to take such a disastrous chance? Their decisions as authorities have caused unconscionable damages!


AGAIN   you may want to write in your VOTE..."no eligible candidates"!


may GOD bless us all!

The County Crusaders

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