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Campaign for the Citizens of Newton /Jasper County

Campaign for the Citizens of Newton / Jasper County!

These blog postings you are about to read are letters that were posted at website that was started some time ago. ...Unfortunately this website had dissolved and was taken over by someone else! BUT our quest remains steadfast and persistent!


  Remember this as you read through them, keep in mind that none of these individuals have anything to gain, but the self satisfaction of knowing they are doing their civic duty to inform the residents of what they are in for! FREE of charge! Giving other individuals a chance to make different choices on how they want their legal needs delegated! What is happening to the residents of Newton and Jasper County is a travesty and an outrage!


We apologize if some of the links posted are not clickable!

Because of the damage that has been done (which you are about to read below) in Newton and Jasper County and their relationship with Benton County, We strongly urge and encourage people to obtain their legal aid ( attorneys, lawyers) from Lake or one of the other surrounding Counties! Then it may be in your “best interest” to immediately request to have your case transfer to another venue. "Prejudicial Reasons?!" (Another County) Since these Judges are well aware of this information, if they transfer the case from Newton to Jasper or Benton, or visa versa in any way, it only PROVES our point of how obtuse, arrogant and ignorant they can be! (you may consider making a copy of this whole report and attach it to your request of venue change, so that does NOT happen!) Remember this: Any one in public office is up for scrutiny! This is not something we wanted to do, but found it our civil obligation to inform you or the travesties that are taking place! In fact, it is fair to say, the "villains" described below, by their own actions and intent, in a round about way, “asked” for this! What you are about to read is a document, a letter, sent to all the sources indicated at its end.

Campaign for the Citizens of Newton /Jasper County Corruption runs Rampant

15 March 2009



Date: 10/9/2008

Who is looking out for your “Best Interest”?

To Whom it may Concern:

This letter is written as a cry for help not only to reach out and lend aid to the individuals who have been wronged as documented below, but for the general public at large who are all undoubtedly subjugated to such unlawful behaviors.

Corrupt government runs rampant in Newton County Indiana. It will take a “task force” to change this. News Reporters, the FBI, our local government (the Governor, Congressman, Senators, other Representatives of the State of Indiana) and any other Watch Dog Groups available will be notified to assist in this quest.

Please review the documented events that have occurred in and by the Newton County Judicial System:

Mrs LaFleche and her husband owned a business in Newton County. They had a dispute with their partner and requested a buy out. Their partner came up with the money but did not turn it over to them. $95,000.00 was at stake. They filed a law suit in Newton County. This money was initially put into an Ilotta Account by their attorney, Harry Falk. Harry Falk was not helping them as they believed he would. They later found out he was related to Judge Molter. Mrs LaFleche felt that he was abusing his power of position and the system to trump up the attorneys fees and bleed them from as much money as he could, because he can! Perhaps absconding with it all! They believed he would resolve the issue as promised as swiftly as possible. When they asked attorney Falk, “Would get their money”? He said, “Probably Never”! They then fired Harry Falk as their attorney and obtained an attorney from Hammond ,Indiana. The money was then transferred into the Newton County Court Escrow Account. Judge Molters final decision was that they remain partners. Of a closed business? …and that no one would get anything! Yet that money still lays in Newton Countys account! In fact Judge Molter allowed a third party law suit into this to further scramble things up which had nothing to do with the original contract! Because of poor judgment and intent, Judge Molter forced them to appeal costing them another $8,000.00 for starters! They believe he did this because they fired his relative Harry Falk and brought in an “out of county” attorney. Is Judge Molter incapable of deliberating or delegating authority over a straight forward contract? Why are there missing appendages on the Appeals Docket? (see Indiana Appeals Court Docket online) Why did Mrs LaFleche s attorney have to send it twice? Is this deeper then we may know? These questions remained to be answered. There are many more. Mrs LaFleche was told that this was illegal and fraud and that Newton County had it planned all along! As the story unfolds there is much more deceit and unethical behaviors that have transpired.

Mr. Laidlaw has had his experiences with Newton County working as a “trustee” and a victim of their wrath:
Mr. Laidlaw claims, while going to a hearing for his bond for a PI, the person in front of him was a 3 time convicted Child Molester up for another count and the Judge gave him bond. Then Mr. Laidlaw is called in front of the judge and he denies him bond and put him in jail?! That 3 time child molester farmed the judges land, Mr. Laidlaw found out later!
Mr. Laidlaw personally witnessed the judge (Molter) being brought in to jail, drunk, driving under the influence. They were ordered to hang drapes around the jail cell and make bed for the drunk judge. Then “wake” him in the morning and help him get clothed for court. So he could hand out sentences for DUI’s !!!???
Mr. Laidlaw claims was he given an “extra” six months to serve in jail, after he was already was sentenced six months for a drinking offense.
This judge has been reportedly picked up several times for drunken driving, but let off the hook because of his position. There is not a business, store, garage sale, etc, that you can go to in Newton County where it is a well known fact by all, that the Judge is a drunk and has been arrested several times. Will it take this menace to kill someone before this plague against our citizens is removed?
Mr. Laidlaw knows of a least two attorneys who will not take cases in Newton County, for they’ve told him the judge will be automatically be prejudiced against them, because the judge wants to keep the “money” in Newton County and dole out judgments as they see fit to their needs!

The Martin Family has had trouble with neighbors. They tried to get an “Order of Protection” back in 2000 against one family but the Judge denied their request. They feel he was negligent or used poor judgment in helping “keep peace” in the neighborhood. No Example was set! No money was being made by any of his friends, “the attorneys”! They feel “Chaos was KEPT”! Until recently, June of 2007, when another family from the “clique” cut several trees down and committed “Assault with Attempt to Commit Battery” & “Damage to Property”, (called “Mischievous Conduct” a criminal offense, by Newton County) this was perpetrated against the Martin family. “State of Indiana vs. James Trembczynski, Criminal Case: 56D01-0707-CM249” The Newton County Prosecutors Office assured them that they would prevail in Criminal Court. Mr. Martin provided all sorts of documentation to prove he did his best so that “no fault” would lay upon him in the outcome of the case. Compensation was due. Once the trial was over, the Martins found that they were never contacted or made aware of any plea agreement otherwise they would have insisted upon a Jury Trial. The Newton County Prosecutor, James Edward Barce went as far as to completely evade Mr. Martin the day of the trial so he could not make any requests and the case was pushed through to serve themselves. In fact, Mr. Martin went as far as to notify the security guard at Newton County Court that he wanted to speak with Mr. Barce and they ushered him in the back door so there would be no contact, evading Mr. Martin. (They are ALL in on it!) Afterwards the Newton County Prosecutors Office told Mr. Martin he did not receive anything because he did not actually “Buy” new trees and had “no out of pocket expense”! This was never explained to them before, yet documents laid in front of the Newton County Prosecutor for one year and the Martins repeatedly asked if they needed anything else. Although damage in excess of $2,100.00 was done and proven! They also suffered from unnecessary attorneys fees and court costs ($535.00) of which the Newton County Prosecutor was well made aware of.

The Newton County Prosecutor also was made aware that Mr. Martin is on disability and it would take two months of his salary to pay for this criminal damage, yet Mr. Barce, picked on and added insult to injury by not awarding Mr. Martin anything! Perhaps because Mr. Martin documented what he believed, “Unethical Behaviors” of the defendants attorney, Charles Dargo. The Martins where told that the decision was malarkey and you rest assure, if anyone did that to the Judge or any of the Attorneys in that circle, they would have been reciprocated their damages! They believe this decision wasn’t only negligent and biased, but bought! The Martins where told that the defendants attorney is friends with the Prosecuting Attorney and his reputation for getting criminals “off the hook” was at stake!!! They also believe that Newton County did not look out for their best interest, yet sabotaged their claim, in the name of their own financial gain!
The Newton County Prosecutors Office openly stated that they can not remember when the last time they had a Jury Trial! Why is that? Could it be because they do things under handedly or force people into seeing things their way legal or not? Could it be because they have no one to answer to? Does money sway these decisions? Is the intent here any more then obvious?
Furthermore, it took a few weeks before Mr. Martin obtained an estimate for damages, because he was instructed by a Deputy that this was the “process”, to go to small claims court. No police report was made, nor was the Newton County Prosecutors Office
notified. The Newton County Prosecutors Office took no action against the defendant, (nor was a police report made by the Newton County Sheriff’s Department) until AFTER, Mr. Martin filed a small claim suit, ensnaring him into this legal trap! The Martins believe this deception is being done to all citizens who are unaware of this trickery that is being perpetrated upon victims to pilfer and bilk money from them. FACT: When there is CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO PROPERTY(Mischievious Conduct) a victim should not have to hire an attorney. The Police and the Prosecuting Attorneys Office SHOULD handle it! Thats their JOB! And you should receive full compensation for your damages as well! This is obvious abuse and misuse of the law and their power of position! In fact, the Martins feel that they where harassed and intimidated not only by the defendant but through the chain of events and the people who they allegedly trusted. The Newton County Prosecutors Office knows the Martins do not have the money to appeal this!
(Bud King, Ed Barce and the Prosecuting Attorneys Office had ample time to rectify, even after the fact, as Mr. Martin requested. Bud King wondered why Mr. Martin documented this situation so well. Now we all KNOW!)

It has been brought to our attention of an incident where an elderly gentleman was a victim of attempted murder (State of Indiana vs. John Wilkes) and the Newton County Prosecutors Office let the defendant off with house arrest for 6 months, because he hired the right attorney out of their inner circle! He (the victim) also would have preferred a Jury Trial, but Newton County Prosecutor would not allow it.

Please review this link:
We feel confident that this women did not take the time to do this out of malice!

We believe through all these incidents documented, our State and Federal rights have been violated and we have been victimized by unconstitutional acts, like a right to a fair trial! Is this a new regime we are being forced to live under? We feel extremely confident that a tactful investigation can and will be set in place and justice will prevail, even if FBI agents have to pose as attorneys, or become citizens of Newton County and get in trouble and purge themselves through the system! (see links 2-4 below) Why is it that whenever anyone calls the local FBI Agency in Merrillville and mentions problems about Judges, Attorneys or a Judicial system, before ever mentioning the location, they respond, “you must be talking about Newton County”? Once federal investigators ASK questions and catch these perpetrators in lies, and indictments are handed out, convictions made, will positive change occur!

Who do we call next time we have a problem? What court system do we use or trust, now that Newton County has failed? What do our taxes pay for? What kind of organized criminal element are we dealing with? Who can bring trust and control back to these “out of control” situations that undoubtedly occur daily?

For more detailed information concerning any or all facts,
Please contact Mrs LaFleche at

Citizens and Corporations need to keep our Judicial System and Government accountable for their actions. Trust, must not be breached!

Please act on behalf of the Citizens of Indiana and help make a change for the community at large!

To say, nothing can be done, is outrageous!

Some links for reference

4 -

“Abuse of the public trust cannot and must not be tolerated. Corrupt practices in government strike at the heart of social order and justice. And that’s why the FBI has the ticket on investigations of public corruption as a top priority.”

Last words: Straight from Teddy Roosevelt: “Unless a man is honest we have no right to keep him in public life, it matters not how brilliant his capacity, it hardly matters how great his power of doing good service on certain lines may be… No man who is corrupt, no man who condones corruption in others, can possibly do his duty by the community.”
By the documentation above, it’s fair to say, Newton County and all their cronies have not been honest and they are corrupt! Once they lie to federal officials and their own paper trail is reviewed, jobs will become available or the whole court system should be shut down or revamped and monitored indefinitely!

It’s also fair to say, that these four individuals should never have to have any legal issues, no matter how minute, deliberated by any of these Newton County Authorities or comrades of theirs!

Here is a list of all agencies, organizations, news reporters, etc. that have been contacted for help! To help the general public at large! We reserve the right to continue to contact others who are not on this list, until a satisfactory result is accomplished!


1276 East 85th Avenue
Merrillville, IN 46410

NBC 5 Chicago, WMAQ
454 North Columbus Drive
Chicago, IL 60611

Unit 5 Investigates
Fox Investigates
205 N. Michigan
Chicago, Il 60601
630 N. McClurg Court

Chicago, IL 60611

Attn: Pam Zekman

190 North State Street
Chicago, IL 60601

Indiana Supreme Court
Disciplinary Commission
Donald R. Lundberg, Executive Secretary
30 South Meridian Street, Suite 850
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Supreme Court of Indiana
315 Indiana State House

Indianapolis, IN 46204
Attn: Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard


Office of the Indiana Attorney General,

Indiana Government Center South,

302 W. Washington St.,

Indianapolis, IN 46204,

Senator Sue Landske
Indiana State Senator, District 6
200 W. Washington Street

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Rep. Don Lehe
Indiana House Republicans
200 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204


Congressman Pete Visclosky
701 East 83rd Avenue, Suite 9
Merrillville, IN 46410
U.S. Senator Richard G. Lugar
306 Hart Senate Office Building
, D.C. 20510-1401

Senator Evan Bayh
131 Russell Senate Office Building
, DC 20510

Governor Mitch Daniels,
Office of the Governor,

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2797


Cornell Law School,

Myron Taylor Hall

Ithaca, NY 14853
W. Bradley Wendel
Post Tribune
1433 E. 83rd Ave.
Merrillville, Ind. 46410
Attn: Jerry Davich & Diane Spivak
NWI Times                                                     American Civil Liberties Union
601 W. 45th Ave.                                    1301 East Washington St
Munster, IN 46321
                                      Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
Attn: Bill Dolan                                             
M.A.D.D. please help keep authorities accountable!
MADD National Office
511 E. John Carpenter Frwy
Suite 700
Irving, TX 75062
Federal Bureau of Investigation———————F B I
J. Edgar Hoover Building————————–Indianapolis Division
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW—————-575 North Pennsylvania Street, Room 679
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001—————Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Myron Sutton                                             The Washington Post
The Myron Sutton Committee             Richard Cohen
103 West Goss Street                       
Kentland, IN 47951
The people of the Roselawn/ Thayer areas are constantly picked on and punished by the County. All policing and tickets are written here. Again this can be investigated and proven!
– One of the Councilmen or women made an idiotic statement saying that Newton County is thinking about building a new Court House on the north end of the County.(with the intent of fixing this problem) New buildings do not do anything except create more bills which we do NOT need! We NEED NEW PEOPLE! People who look out for are best interest and work for US!
Mr. Martin writes:
Date: 10/11/2008

I am writing this letter right now so it is date stamped and documented!
It was about 5 minutes ago (approximately 2:50 pm on October 11, 2008) Jeff Drinski,(attorney hired in my case) came into my driveway handing out pamphlets for republicans, to vote! He acted all happy! He asked me how I am doing? I said “you gotta be kiddin me! After I just got screwed over $2,700.00, you’re gonna come over here now. You seen how I was screwed!” He said “No I didn’t”! I said, “yes you did, you where sitting right behind the Prosecuting Attorney Barce when then made a judgment. They never told me about the plea agreement and If I knew, I would have insisted on a jury trial! I was screwed. Whenever a policeman comes out for criminal damage to property or any other crime, a police report should be made immediately and the County Prosecutor should handle it! Who do I call next time?” He said and laughed, “Certainly not the police” He asked me if I wanted the material to review and I said “No”!
You see Jeff Drinski dropped me as a client at the last minute when I told him, if Charles Dargo does not want to settle (because the evidence was outstanding and he had NO reasonable counter claim) and plans to besmirch my character I expect YOU to make not only the defendant to look like an idiot, but his council (Dargo) as well! THAT’S how corrupt these attorneys are!

Personally, I do not want any of these people from that inner circle to come on my property for ANY reason ever! This is intimidating if not harassment! I certainly feel that way!

Mr. Martin & Family


F. B. I.
1276 East 85th Avenue
, in 46410

Re: Who is looking out for your “Best Interest”?
( a document about Newton County Indiana recently sent to your offices)

First we’d like to take the time to thank you for responding to our cry out for help, for Mrs Lafleche reports that a FBI Agent called her about this document last night. It appeared the he may need more information to proceed with our list of complaints.

Mr. Laidlaw is a first hand eye witness to seeing Judge Molter being brought in to the Newton County Jail by Morocco Police Department, DUI. Although it has been reported that Judge Molter has been a multiple repeat offender which would make him a “felon” who just has not been convicted yet! ( see

“Habitual offenders can potentially lose their license for life.”)

To investigate this starting with the Morocco Police Department would help! There only must be 4 or 5 Police Officers there to question, plus there Supervisors and Chief. To our best understanding, they will be under other penalties or punishment for not cooperating or lying to federal investigators so we believe you will find and Officer to cooperate with you. Then there is Newton County Sheriffs Department. There are only about 12 or so Deputies there to contact, plus Sheriff Donald Hartman, and there are also two ex-sheriff’s Myron Sutton (who has an office in Kentland) and Bud King (who now works for the Newton County Prosecutors Office). Then you have the local State Police, out of Lowell. Between these three police departments you have Officers and Authorities to question plus we are sure you can get a list of Officers who have retired, quit or have been fired from all 3 Departments. SOMEONE will talk and give confirmation to this investigation and claim, perhaps the arresting Officers! Anything entered into a computer, although it may have been deleted can be found. Records are usually requested via computer or over the “air” during an arrest! Because of your expertise, you know, information of this type will pass extremely quickly throughout local jurisdictions. That’s just how it is in this line of work! Police talk amongst themselves.

Newton County Sheriffs Department does not give out police reports unless you acquire an attorney. So the Martin Family found out. They have called the Sheriffs Department countless times over the years and requested Police reports so they could prepare for court but never had cooperation with them. Is there not a freedom of information act?
Attorney Jeffrey Drinski tells Mr. Martin and jokes that calling the Police is not a viable action to take next time there is any criminal activity perpetrated upon him or his family or property. He acknowledges this behavior as wrong. Mr. Martin asked Jeffrey Drinski if he handed out “finders fees”? Mr Drinski said well not using those words but that he would compensate Mr. Martin if he found him work? Money is passed around! Who do we call next time, the FBI? Are we suppose to live under this duress or mercy of this criminal element?
The Government is deceiving the citizens that “its” in control and looking out for their best interest! This is far from true! Certainly the lawyers are in control, NOT our government! Bud King, Investigator for the Newton County Sheriffs Department said that the Judge listens to whatever The Prosecuting Attorney says, “He Agrees with his Judgment! Whatever it may be! They never have Jury Trials!” Bud King befriended Mr. Martin until the day of the trial when all collapsed upon him! Even the secretaries would leave the room whenever Mr. Martin came to ask questions all throughout this fiasco. They knew what was going on, was wrong! They (Newton County Government) lure victims to small claims court ( by using the Sheriffs Department to do so) so they can entrap them and force them into acquiring attorneys, by initiating their criminal suit afterwards! This we believe, falls under deceptive practice, fraud and or not operating under “Good Faith”, just to name a few! What about our constitutional rights? Has this been a hoax all along? Favors and money are undoubtedly being passed around. Lets be real, they are not being obnoxious, just because! Money is ALWAYS a motivator! Only a good investigation will prove so!

Mr. Martin also reports that in the past Newton County Animal Control issued a citation to an individual, because dogs where unleashed and attacked him. He later ran into Animal Control and they asked him what didn’t he appear in court? He told them he was never notified. The person he reported works as a Volunteer Fireman for Thayer and has connections with Newton County he was told. Mr. Martin told Bud King (Newton County Prosecuting Attorneys Investigator) about this. Mr. King said that sometime that happens but it shouldn’t happen in your case! Mr. King admitted that sometime it happens and that sometimes when a court appearance is scheduled and the defendants attorney wants to push up the court date the Judge allows it, the plaintiff or complainant is not notified and judgment falls in favor of the defendant because the witness/plaintiff does not appear! Some time that happens! This should never happen! Again they are serving themselves and obstructing justice.

The Jensen family reported that there was a break in, burglary to the garage/pole barn. Many tools were stolen, a motorcycle, etc. Newton County responded and did not make out a police report although they asked for one. They needed a report, to give to their insurance company. The Jensens wound up calling the D.N.R. to make out a burglary report. This is outrageous and negligent!

Perhaps all these Authorities and Attorneys should take drug tests which would only provide more evidence and additional counts of there misconduct! This may be impeding there ability and warping there sense of right and wrong!
Mrs. Lafleche has all kinds of documentation to prove her point of fraud, deception etc. It is whether or not someone will take the time to investigate these issues and bring peace and fairness back to our community. It is fair to say, someone out there is willing to take their jobs and do right by the citizens, once they are removed! In Mrs Lafelche’s situation or any of these other incidents, we should not have to get an attorney to tell you or any other jurisdiction, what they are doing is wrong and illegal! Please act on our behalf and for the betterment of the community at large. Mrs Lafleche would prefer that this be handled with kid glove so it is not to interfere with a judgment she awaits that is currently being handled in Appeals Court!

We feel confident one way or another the Judge and Attorneys of Newton County WILL get wind of this! In the event you do not act upon this, they will certainly feel they have “Card Blanche” in doing whatever they feel like in and out of the court system, intimidating, bilking and pilfering money from people whom already have been victimized by criminals! They will continue their malicious acts on the people of Newton County so we beg you to do something or forward this to an agency who can!

See Definitions:
Good Faith:
Fraud, to defraud
Theft by deception

To protect our best interest, we prefer that we conduct our correspondence via email or letters until we get confirmation that you will be acting vigilantly on our behalf! We are sure you understand!
Please take the time to answer the questions throughout this letter and begin with an thorough investigation, and respond back to Mrs LAfleche at

Federal Bureau of Investigation F B I
J. Edgar Hoover Building Indianapolis Division
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 575 North Pennsylvania Street, Room 679
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001 Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives             Drug Enforcement Administration
Office of Public and Governmental Affairs                                            Mailstop: AES
99 New York Ave. NE                                                                          8701 Morrissette Drive,
Mail Stop 5S144                                                                                             Springfield, VA 22152
Washington, DC 20226

By the preponderance of evidence we have provided and or can provide, along with a thorough investigation to follow , we believe, by definition, the Newton County Authorities have committed “Obstruction of Justice!”

Please review links / definitions:

In fact, Mr. Martin has proven documentation and requesting that the defendant committed perjury! Newton County Prosecutors Office said, “Everybody does that!”
This amongst many others underhanded actions made by these individuals will you find this criminal action violated.
Obstruction of Justice!

ALSO Mr. Martin was harassed by the Newton County Building Commissioner because he cited him a $25.00 ticket for “noxious weeds” WITHOUT coming out to the residence and surveying the situation!
Judge Leach ALLOWED Charles Dargo into harassing Mr. Martin into a FORCED settlement!
These Judges in every case ALWAYS allow these attorneys continuances because they are sick or on vacation. The Judge already knows that every continuance allows the attorneys to pilfer more money from their client. The same excuse every time. If these Judges had ANY credence, credibility or integrity they would tell these attorneys to get their ass in court or they’ll find someone who WANTS to do their job, in an HONORABLE way! BUT the Judges are crooked too!

Because of Charles Dargos mailicous actions he is being watched very closely. It had made people very curious why he sometimes parks his car on the grass, at an angle, right up close in front of his house …to be left there all night! Until he was found drunk, stumbling out of his car! Because he is friends with all the Deputies and Newton County Sheriff’s Department, the Newton Count Prosecutor and the Newton County Judges, he too is above the law. Now we find this imperative to document NOW, so in the event he( Charles Dargo or that creep judge molter) maims or kills someone, his recklessness and the negligence of the Officials will be held accountable! Additional charges should be in store! Does this make you wonder about the credibility of our trusted Officials and Police Force? (people who TAKE our TAX MONEY, under the guise of doing a community service!) are you kidding me! What about the people who work there?…Are you going to tell me they don’t see this?
Isn’t it also ironic that Charles Dargo owned the business across the street from Mrs. Lafleches business, a competitor. He had exchanged words with her previous to this incident at hand. And now he represents a client in a dispute. Certainly, a conflict of interest bordering unethical behavior! He is retaliating under the guise of his office! Truly, by his own actions and obvious INTENT, he is a bumbling idiot!

bits and pieces of a letter sent to the FBI dated 11/05/2008:

….. also requested in writing ( to the Newton County Prosecuting Attorneys Office) and over the phone with Mr. Bud King (several times) that Mr. Trembczynski should be charged with “Perjury”. But no action was taken which we find to be “Obstruction of justice”, if in fact there are other terms that may include negligence of keeping or following due process of the law. Mr. King said he could serve six months in jail for that if not more, but he said, “Everybody does that”! Since, there is a law, with penalty for Perjury, we now ask your department, The Federal Bureau of Investigation to see that it is carried out. (Please review the documents attached that prove my allegations) or Forward this to other Authorities, if need be!
After speaking with Mrs Jensen, whose husband was arrested for Dui, she tells me that her Attorney, from Lake County Indiana told her that she should probably sell their truck, move out of Newton County before her husband is found beat up in one of these corn fields, because you know after he gets out of jail, they will be looking for the smallest infraction to charge him with and it will take wheel barrels of money to get him out again. Now since he made this comment, it is fair to say he “KNOWS” Newton County and he ‘KNOWS” this is not an isolated incident!
I spoke with a retired attorney about this and he also said that our civil rights have been violated and that what they are doing in Newton County is corrupt!
Because this is an ongoing project we feel we have to do our own investigating, we are finding out from more sources that Charles Dargo wins his cases defending criminals by trumping up false charges and mysteriously coming up with witness to back his false allegations! Because there are no Jury Trials in Newton County he never has to use them! We would like for you to investigate Charles Dargo for all of his illegal and malicious behaviors but in doing so, request a list of all the criminals he defended along with a list of all his alleged witnesses! Some how, ironically many of these witnesses either do not exist or bear witness, all too many crimes. Mr. Dargo claims he has witnesses that can testify that Mr. Martin harassed Mr. Trembczynski which never happened. Mr. Dargo also claims that Mr. Martin called the Police for “Unmeritorious reasons” which also is false!

(We believe there is a difference between a good defense attorney and a shyster!)

We now beg your department and others if need be, work together as a unit to remove this plague that literally threatens the livelihood and peace of our community!
In the event any one from our group has problems or is harassed from anyone from Newton County Sheriffs Department, Newton County Prosecuting Attorneys Office, Newton County Court System, ANY Attorneys of Newton or Jasper County or any one related to them, we will be contacting you and the Indiana State Police. This will be an ongoing project until some thing done, one way or another.


These CRIMINALS & this COUNTY …needs to be monitored indefinitely!

Before Mr. Martin hired Jeff Drinski, a Jasper County attorney reviewed the paper work that was filed at Newton County Court. This attorney became irate and upset hollaring, “Dargo is an “a**hole”! (The attorneys partner yelled out comments in the background as well). He said that Dargo did NOT file the paper work correctly and that there was no such thing as “Preliminary Docket” and that the Judge should have reprimanded Dargo! He then went onto say that they we are not suppose to say anything bad about attorneys but that Dargo was a shyster and gave the attorneys a bad name! THAT is A FACT!
In our opinion: The Judge was biased! The Judge did not do his job! The Judge took favors!
Again when Jeff Drinski was asked to defend Mr. Martin not only against the defendant but outrageous, unproven claims Dargo was making. Jeff Drinski dropped Mr. Martin as a client. He did this with intent, because he didn’t like that Mr. Martin was onto their scheme and assisted Charles Dargo is prevailing!
When Mr. Martin approached Joe Morrison (Newton County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney) the day of the criminal trial to ask him about the “Plea agreement”. Joe Morrison ran from him like a skinned rat, unfulfilling his duty as a Deputy Prosecutor to a victim as to making that information available!
It is fair to say:
This whole regime needs to be removed from their offices and duties! Immediately!
Mrs. Jensen is extremely distraught because she feels that her husband was excessively charged with DUI because he is in a “work release program” with other DUI inmates who were sentenced much less time, like 3 months! Her Husband only has one count of dui against him serving one year in jail while other have multiple dui counts against them and they are only serving 3 months! And that the prison guards are giving her husband a hard way to go, especially when there are prisoners in the work release program who are not even working!
Could it be because their cases were held in Lake County? Could it be because the Jensens fired their attorney harry falk (who did nothing for them yet charged them $4,000.00.)? Could it be because the Judge got pissed off because Faulk couldn’t bilk more money from them , they fired him so the Judge retaliated with a much stiffer penalty? Is this reason enough to have YOUR venue changed to another County? Is it fair to say, the Judge is corrupt, biased and warped? The FACTS are: these Judges and Attorneys do NOT have what it takes to be awarded the money they receive by what they do or to be even allowed to roam our streets!
To put it lightly, they are a nuisance to our society!

Please review the legal definitions of Terrorism: - see: SEC. 802. DEFINITION OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM (i)
We cannot rule out that this charge fits as well!

Please review this link: :
“A man accused of kidnapping former Newton County (Indiana) Prosecuting Attorney John W. Barce, whose body was later found in a farmer’s field, is scheduled to stand trial July 9. Lloyd D. Lichti, 57, is charged with felony murder, kidnapping, criminal confinement, robbery and theft. Authorities believe Lichti kidnapped Barce in August during a meeting at a Lafayette, (IN) hotel. They said Lichti had a grudge against Barce over the handling of his father’s will. According to the Associated Press, Barce, 73, apparently died within hours of the abduction, probably from causes related to a heart ailment. Police arrested Lichti after they reported tracing a series of telephone calls Lichti made to Barce’s family, attempting to extort money from them. John Barce, who was prosecuting attorney of Newton County from 1958 to 1970, was the father of two current Indiana prosecuting attorneys: Judson G. (Jud) Barce, Benton County prosecuting attorney; and J. Edward (Ed) Barce, Newton County prosecuting attorney.”

Newton County will not have the leisure again, of provoking and entrapping someone as we believe, they did in this incident!
Evidently James Edward Barce did NOT learn anything. In fact he seems a little “soft” and may need some help! We believe he IS trying to provoke a similar situation!

Many have said, because of their own actions, perhaps they cannot wait to go visit, ole man barce?!


Newton County does not have Jury Trials!

The judge should be required to ask the defendant/victim whether or not he agrees with any plea agreement the Prosecuting attorney comes up with and give the victim a chance to request a Jury Trial! But our County is corrupt and they do things to suit their own selfish needs! Just another reason to have your legal needs, tended to, in another County! By other Attorneys!

These judges(and their cronies) can easily be compared to Nazi , Germany!
only we do NOT need to wait, 50 or so years to have these individuals tried for (war) crimes! crimes against humanity!
for this is a battle between good and evil!
……and you do NOT have to be religious to see who is DEMONIC!
If you need a police report, call Indiana State Police! if they give you a hard time you tell them WHY! We have sent them copies of our complaints and they SHOULD be well aware of this problem! If you have to copy this report and give it to the responding Officer!
Why do you think all these Officers are young? Because no veteran, no real MAN is going to help perpetrate these behaviors against good people!
If you EVER have trouble with a Police Officer escalate the matter to his commanding Officer and so on. If its in the County, escalate the matter to his Sargeant, then the Sheriff, the the State Police and the FBI ( This important information was given to us, by a reputable “Police Officer”) We truly believe, most Officers/Troopers out here do not want to harass people, but its those who do, who we worry about and the fact that their “Superiors” LET THEM! Certainly if their livelyhood, their JOB, was on the line about how they conduct themselves, they WILL be less likely to lash out at the general public! The only one who can do that is their “Superiors”!

If you need an Attorney, hire one from out of the County (Jasper, Benton or Newton are part of a triad of corruption, we believe) The Judges from Newton County are friends with those at Jasper County, Charles Dargo’s Office is in Jasper County and knows the Jasper County Authorities and Ed Barces brother is the Prosecuting Attorney in Benton County. We believe this trilateral gang has deeper roots then we may conceive, but through thorough investigation it all CAN surface!
Don’t believe Judge Potter is any Saint! Not by any means. He has made some rash decisions involvng damage to property against a victim, once again, in favor of a Corporation and has screwed many people VICTIMS ( all in the name of, what we believe, “who greases the palm” or “who knows who”! Adding insult to injury!) Now he has earned his name in our blog. Has anyone ever noticed the eerie glare in his eye during Court? Is he really there? Has anyone ever question his wellness? Just some general observations!
Lets spell this out a bit. When a victim brings a case to court, many times its to obtain compensation for damages, BECAUSE of the demonic disposition of the defendant, refusing to pay for something they know they did! The last thing a good law abiding citizen (victim) wants to see when they enter the Court Room, is the DEVIL behind the bench!
What you have been presented with here should give ANYONE good enough reason to have their “Legal Needs” ( divorce, wills, estate, accident, dui, bankruptcy, trusts, etc) handled in Any other county but, Newton , Jasper, or Benton Counties! Especially if you are the victim! They will victimize you again, in a heart beat!
We cannot tell anyone who to befriend, but you better watch out, especially if you have children who associate with any of these obdurates or their family members. you better realize, in (their) court, you lose, right or wrong!

We do reserve the right to remind you that we are a peaceful group. In the event, Newton County tries to entrap or frame any of the people who are helping eradicate them. There are 6 billion people in this world we may seek for help and not all people find or define “fixing problems” the same. We cannot be held liable for what anyone else does to help out our agenda. All we can do is pray for help!

Be very leery when speaking to any of these individuals, including Bud King , Newton county Prosecuting Attorneys Investigator. He is the “Confidence Man” of this criminal organization, He will tell you what you want to hear, until they stick it to you!
please forward to people on your friends list!
and feel free to contact these authorities(mentioned above) to SEE what they are doing!

at the very least
we feel this factual presentation gives good reason for an “out of county” attorney to ask for a change of venue!!!!


please continue to forward this message to others in the surrounding community until we alleviate this plague! make hard copies if you have to, and send them to people without computers. We are confident that we(the citizens) all will be rewarded after this is all over!

and Please, if you have been VICTIMIZED by these individuals and or authorities, Attorney Harry Falk, Attorney Jeff Drinski, Attorney Charles Dargo, Attorney / Newton County Deputy Prosecutor Jim Morrison, Newton County Prosecuting Attorney James Edward Barce, Judge Molter and Judge Leach. Judge Potter from Jasper County and Attorney Jim Foster from Hammond Indiana,….. PLEASE email or use U.S.P.S. and send your report to all of our contacts designated above in this letter. Report your problems to them and do it in WRITING/email! (phone calls will be hearsay!) You can use this BlOG to also document your problem or if you want us to know about your situation, send a copy to !
you can also contact:
Indiana Supreme Court
Disciplinary Commission
Donald R. Lundberg, Executive Secretary
30 South Meridian Street, Suite 850
Indianapolis, IN 46204
United States Attorneys Office
David A. Capp , USA
5400 Federal Plaza
Hammond, IN 46320
(we have contacted them as well, they seem to condone this behavior or perhaps they may not have received ENOUGH complaints yet!)

Remember this, we believe the only reason the police are out there writing DUI’s is for the Lawyers (and others involved in there internal criminal group like Judges), to MAKE MONEY!
No body( in government) really cares about you or your safety!
Thats a bunch of malarkey to satisfy their taking of your money and their psychosis of punishing you!!!!

It is also good to know that if you feel that a Judge is unfair or impartial you can always write to the him & the court and express your feelings and or tell him about your case at hand. If a Judge is made aware of ANY evidence of a case he must remove himself from the Court and have another Judge appointed to handle the trial!(send him a copy of this report!)
That is good info to know the “KEEP” yourself from the wrath of “his” corruption!

Even if you are a defendant, especially in a case of a DUI, personally, we would not want our case to be heard over or any decisions made by these authorities for they obviously have no honor or integrity and will just bake you over for as much money as they can AND penalize much more then other Jurisdictions/Counties around here do (such as Lake) !

You may need an “out of county” attorney and a copy of this letter to request your case transferred to a different venue!
(Not Newton County for obvious reasons, Not Jasper County- Dargos Office is in Jasper and practices law there as well, it has been said that the Judges between Jasper and Newton are friends- and not Benton County- Ed Barces brother is the Prosecutor their- for these are excellent “prejudicial reasons” as described above)
Isn’t this “Tri-County affair” all too suspicious! Who knows how much more corruption there is out there, This may be ONLY the tip of the iceberg! In fact, we are confident of it!

please forward to neighbors, friends and family members or any one you know who may help!
Thank you!

(understand…because we have not been contacted or informed by any of the authorities listed above to inform us that they are investigating and seeking prosecution and or removal of these criminals, this must be passed around for we feel that it is our civic duty to notify people who live in the surrounding areas so they are well informed of this pandemic which burdens all hard working citizens and GOOD people! feel free to contact the FBI (merrillville phone number 219-769-3719) and other authorities mentioned above and let them know about the FACTS of your trials and tribulations of the illegal/unethical behaviors you have personally witnessed and fell victim to by these alleged professionals and authorities, if thats what you want to call them!? More is better in eradicating these menaces!)
Do not forget to mention this letter in doing so!

and remember call the Indiana State Police from now on! Indiana State Police Lowell Telephone number (219) 696-6242
and the FBI in Merrillville (219)-769-3719, if you need to escalate the situation!

comments stated here are factual along with our beliefs and opinions
Did you know: that up until as recently as a few years ago, as a citizen of Newton County, you were able to obtain an Order of Protection (or at least go to “try” to obtain one). But more recently as we found out they have changed the parameters! The person you are trying to protect yourself from must live in the house or you must be related to
(at least that’s what the Court Secretary told us!) Which means if you have an unruly neighbor, (one that is a nuisance to the community, is obnoxiously loud, drug user, uses vicious dogs to harass and intimidate, damages property, cuts trees down on your property, damages property/mailboxes, litters, commits assault with attempt to commit battery, threatens to shoot you, uses their vehicle to run you off the road while riding a bicycle or driving your car, ETC.) you CANNOT obtain an “Order of Protection”!
No, Newton County does not see it in your best interest that you document your issues and pay a small court cost to bring your neighbor and problems to court anymore. They want you to obtain an Attorney (which most people cannot afford anymore) and or they want you to suffer and wait until your problems grows “Out of Control”, until much more serious crimes are committed and attorneys must get involved. You see our point here is, if they, (The Judge and his clan “the attorneys”) are not making money, better said pilfering money from you, they do not see that forum fit! Judge Molter was given the chance to be stern and set precedence (at least once) before that we are aware of. He had a chance to grant and Order of Protection, but he denied it. And the PROBLEM escalated! At this point, it’s his responsibility and accountability! We now believe, the decision, wasn’t in HIS (or his cronies) best interest! No one was making any money! And the PROBLEM escalated! Now to further insure ‘They’ make money, they ruled out YOUR chance of even bringing it before the Court, at an affordable level! We encourage all citizens to write to your Congressman, the Governor and Indiana Supreme Court (all authorities listed) about this issue and have it reversed. Reversed so that the Citizens of this fair County can utilize the system that was put in place to work for us, NOT against us! The parameters of obtaining an Order of Protection must come back and if anything be set up to be more “User Friendly” for the victims at hand! Mark these words, times are going to get tougher and we need a Government that is going to work with us!
With all that being said, oddly enough, if YOU commit a crime against the State, like a dui, speeding ticket or seat belt infraction, Judge Molter is all over maximum punishment and collecting the most his can from these crimes. Isn’t that convenient!
He, Judge Molter is abusing his power of position in the most heinous way!
Judge Leach is no different as he knows that attorneys are threatening people (victims) through lies and under the guise of the law, so the outcome is in “their” favor! If he dare claims that he doesn’t know, then we need (a) Judge(s) in here that “KNOWS” what’s going on!
….and how to “better” TREAT, the good law abiding citizens of this County!

Any “Good” Judge should know when Attorneys are lying! It is something that comes over time and a bit of “tact”! Ultimately we do believe in most cases they KNOW, who did what, where, when and how! Attorneys should be punished through “Contempt of Court” when found guilty! Or is it just ironic that their actions collaborate with the turn of a blind eye?
Newton County needs a “Victims Crime Unit” that not only document and HANDLE problems committed by criminals, but by the Authorities as well! A “Unit” that helps victims of crimes obtain their due compensation! (It’s obvious our Court, Newton County, is incapable!) This cost should not only be paid by the criminal, but to be shared with those who allow their behavior to be perpetrated!
More related notes:

Are you aware that there is a large local heating and air business that operates on the shady side. It has been said that they sell foam that allegedly cleans your air conditioning unit. What you do not know is that this foam actually eats away at the aluminum consequently ruining your air conditioner! Their service technicians allegedly work with a magic marker! Drawing in cracks so they can sell new units to unsuspecting customers (victims). The owner of this company is friends with Jim Morrison (Deputy Prosecutor/ local attorney) so if and when you wind up in court with a dispute with this company, WHO do you think will prevail, right or wrong?

A heating tech from another company had said how do you think this guy affords a HUMMER and laughed, not from being truthful & honest!
We have also found out that an agent of our local insurance company is close friends with Jeff Drinski( an attorney with close ties with the Prosecutors Office and Judges). In the event you have a dispute or they do not feel like paying your claim, who do you think will prevail, right or wrong?
Next time you visit your Doctor and he prescribes medication to you, are you aware that you can ask him if he will take responsibility in the event there are any side effects ( do so in writing, so it is not hearsay)! He should, take responsibility! Thats what he gets paid for!
How many times have Doctors prescribed antibiotics but never instructed their patient to take probiotics (and or fermented food) to rebuild your immune the antibiotics help destroy? Do your own research on the internet about side effect of antibiotics AND do your own research about probiotics and fermented food such as kefir, yogurt and other fermented foods on how they help promote life, perhaps avoiding sickness or eliminating current problems!

Think TWICE about who you do business with! Are they “friend” or “foe” with these deviates?
You DO NOT want to find out the hard way!

Unfortunately it appears that it may be good advice to do business, out of Newton County, like Crown Point or Merrillville (unless you find a trusted source in which you KNOW as a fact that they will not steer you wrong!) Perhaps Newton County businesses should be boycotted until these people are removed! “Peer Pressure” has a funny way of working!
Since they want to act like “bad” kids, we’ll treat them that way!
DECEPTION lurks from the Officials and Professionals in the County to the businesses that surround us.
Trust, Honor and Integrity are unheard of, in fact laughable, especially when placed in front of some ones name or used to describe any of these individuals reported above.
“HONORABLE” are you kidding me?!

These indivduals are a DISGRACE and DISCREDIT to our community!

Our point here is that we TRULY are looking out for your best interest, all around!

and to help REMOVE this plague from our community!

We the PEOPLE have more POWER then you know!
Furthermore during Martins deliberations, Bud King was told that they believed the system needed change. Bud King had stated that there was nothing wrong with the system, but the people in it! He went on to tell a story of how a local attorney (there at Newton County) took on a case which was a “estate dispute”. The deceased left behind a farm well over several hundred acres, farming equipment, a beautiful home, cars, etc. After hearing this we figured that this must be pretty near a million dollars if not more! Mr. King went on to say that the client, in the end, walked away with Thirty Thousand Dollars! WOW… Mr. King, never said who the attorneys was, and we find that good. Because now you can wonder, “Which one?” Perhaps anyone of them would have done the same…and will do the same to YOU. Perhaps, hiring legal aid out of the County would be best measures!


Two Newton County Sheriffs Deputies had been recently mysteriously killed. One by being electrocuted and his partner a couple days later by a heart attack. Many people believe they where about to turn states evidence about the Judge and his cronies, so the eliminated them.
These Officers gave people breaks, not just ATTORNEYS or JUDGES! These two police officers truly looked out after the people, instead of harassing, threatening and abusing their authority, for the sake of MONEY!
We believe these ATTORNEYS mention above, the Prosecuting Attorney and the Judge (Newton County Court) should be forced to or it should be made MANDITORY that people (potential clients and victims) read this document and sign a waiver, IF they STILL want to use “Their Services” , otherwise, what they do is DECEPTION , on a GRAND SCALE!

We encourage EVERYONE to either copy this, or send the link to all the authorities listed above including the media and ASK them what they are DOING!
Because nothing has been thus far, we’re inclined to believe that some authorities like our Governor Mitch Daniels, is backing or acknowledging this corruptive scam!
If Governor Mitch Daniels don’t like this comment…….then do something about it!
Make copies and deliver them to neighbors or friends and family without computer access!

please forward

leave your complaints and document your problems at:

an elimination process WILL take place!

TIP: Always document your conversations well, with your Attorney!
(or the Police Department, Prosecuting Attorneys Office, your Doctor..anyone who can be found liable!)
Date stamp and send them a copy!
Remember this…they can always say, “I don’t remember” or “you never said that”!
DO NOT give them that leisure!
Many people think moving out to Newton County is like moving to Mayberry, until they find out that the Judge is Otis amongst many other crooked and warped factors!

We cannot tell anyone who to befriend, but our children would never hang around with any of these deviates kids! You better believe, in court, you will be sorry!
If you are a family member, wife, co-worker, previous employee, etc and have any information that would be pertinent to add to the removal and/or incarceration of any of these individuals who prey daily on the citizens of the surroundiang area. Send your documentation to all the Authorities listed on this page. You can rest assure one thing….as time goes on, you will not want to be seen with, employed by or associated with them. It only stands to reason!
Even if you have not had a problem with them YET, please feel free to write to these authorities(listed above) and explain your disgust!
SOMEONE must take “PRIDE” in our community! Shouldn’t we ALL!
These individuals we speak of above,KNOW that we are in a recession, a depression, yet they still perpetrate their crimes upon us! This truly is a travesty!
We feel…….Blagojevich is a “saint” compared to these criminals!
However do NOT respond to US or this blog unless you’re a victim, or any one of the Authorities out there who will help us out! Unless you want to Earn your name in a spot on this blog known as an “associate”, “associated with” or an “assistant” to see these crimes perpetrated upon the “good” citizens of Indiana! Even if you are doing it under the “guise” of the law, stay away! Find someone else to harass!
ALL GOOD PEOPLE KNOW, whats going on here is WRONG!


Speaking of which, every alleged professional and or authority here “earned” their mention through their mischievous deeds! In fact, Mr. King was told in so many words that if Charles Dargo “keeps” moving forward with his malicious ways and false allegations, the “devil will get his due”! In one case, so far it has proven to be so. Now that you are aware of him! Now Charles Dargo is involved in another case against Mrs. Lafleche of which he should also be going after the defendant in a “separate” case!  Besides as mentioned before there is a conflict if interest that Mrs. LaFleche and Mr. Dargo were in businesses that competed against one another of which any “reputable” attorney would have shied away from because of “conflict of interest and ethical reasons”.  It is fair to say, this man is a bona fide nuisance!

Mrs. Lafleche also has reported that during her deliberations an opposing attorney had made an offer which included that Mrs. Lafleche would sign over the title to her home! As a “victim” already, she was completely humiliated not only by the suggestion, but the fact that her OWN attorney would even fancy the idea and say that to her! It’s bad enough these attorneys are fleecing the general public for all the money they can, but now they are attempting to take OUR HOMES!

  An Attorney who reviewed the situation also had mentioned that since the case was Appealed downstate, that this “mark” against the Judge is not good. If he had any good sense, he would want this case over and done with. Mr. and Mrs. Lafleche will be appearing in Newton County Court May 7th, 2009 at 9:00am so you can check back in for pending results!

& last but not least,a SOLUTION: we truly believe there are some good individuals out there! People who really want these Jobs, that ARE available! Perhaps, some “good” Officials, People with the schooling, talent and experience with the ability to take on these positions and do GOOD by the PEOPLE, first and foremost! Perhaps THEY will form a committee and walk into Newton County and take over! It is obvious, they are welcome!


Letters have been sent to the President, Barack Obama as well


Harassment? Intimidation? Discrimination?

In Newton & Jasper Counties… You Decide!




 It had been brought to our attention,  Since our last posting: Ironically, the last 2 times Mr. Martin has gone to get gas at a local station, Newton County Deputy Prosecutor Joe Morrison is there. Now Mr. Martin understands that there is nothing illegal about looking at some one but something is “wrong” when a person stares, snarls and glares with an angered look, he feels that he’s being intimidated! Especially when it is an Authority who can manipulate law and do harm! Is Joe Morrison trying to provoke a situation?  Mr. Martin couldn’t help but notice since he MUST be aware of his surroundings due to the facts and how Newton County “TREATS” people and his prior experience!  You would think that since this man (Mr. Morrison) who has all this schooling (that Mr. King brags about attorneys) along with his alleged professionalism/authority that he would mind his own business. But it is not the case. It is imperative to bring this to the attention of the community at large! Especially when it comes to notifying others who may be forced to deal with this menace and his crew! If he ( Joe Morrison and or any one of his cronies) intends to “keep bullying” the people who are desperately trying to turn Newton County into a hospitable place, sooner or later they will find themselves in trouble! Because Charles Dargo was allowed to bully and make false allegations against Mr. Martin, it is imperative that this nuisance behavior be recorded for the public and Authorities to review!

  Mr. Martin reported to us that Bud King laughed during a conversation he had with him spouting out that no one could sue Newton County! Is that so said an Attorney, if Chicago can be sued this “spit in a bucket” can be sued as well! Don’t let them kid you!

  Mr. Martin also wondered if reporting these issues had any merit! “Of course they have merit!”  They (all Offenders reported in our blog) will be scrutinized for any and every little detail JUST the way they do to US, in Court!



 A few years ago, a (black) Motorcycle gang took over the Drag Strip in Morocco, Indiana. Newton County Deputies responded of which we were told by them about some of the incidents that took place! For instance, they (the gang) were drinking and smoking dope while they were there. Many didn’t pay and climbed over the gates. As they commenced to carry on, they also harassed citizens that passed through, driving on Route 41. They went into the local Mini-Marts stole from them, harassed the clerks and defecated in the isles! Nothing was done! No DUIS where written! No Arrests made! That was pretty horrific! How come we didn’t hear about that reported on television? Truly it was worthy of being nationwide news! What measures have been taken to protect the businesses and the people from this behavior again? Especially now, since (other types of) terrorists are now in our country!


 More recently 3 lives where taken in an accident involving, “Illegal aliens”!  Jasper County doesn’t want to ruffle the feathers of the Dairy Farm that hires these people and it appears that they do not want to come strong and fair with sentencing, like they would for one of us!

  Its ok for the Judges and attorneys to drink and drive (especially Molter), because there is no one to “Police” them!


  The media (radio) announces that the Newton County Sheriffs Department is going to be doing a sweep for minor violations!  Are you kidding me? What is next? This sounds like a threat to US! This sounds like curfew! Lets be real, the real troubled people who exist in this County really don’t give a Sh*T.  That’s pretty much a fact! So with that said, who are they harassing, under the guise of a public message? Who are they trying to INTIMIDATE? Why don’t the citizens get a break? Its also has been said that the superiors (Sgt, Lts) of the Indiana State Police are telling their Troopers NOT to write tickets to the illegal aliens because it costing the tax payers more money! Fine, with ALL this being said, then don’t write us tickets either! Give us a break, TOO! Go harass some one in another County or another jurisdiction. Some place where it’s “acceptable”, because it is not here! STOP HARASSING US! STOP THE INTIMIDATION!

We will call you when we need you!


Who put a bullet in OFFICER FRIENDLY’s head? (Will tell you, his superior!)

(and the attorneys who make money off of frivolous b*llsh*t violations!)

Because it may seem apparent hat Officer Friendly is a fictitious character from the 1950’s&60’s we leave you with this link we found:  This is what is has come to! This is the "life" our government has "created" for us!

We must “arm” good people with more knowledge!


By the way, we truly do Applaud “Good Patrolmen”! They know who they are! 

(please, keep using your discretion in “favor” of the “good” people! And monitor/groom the “renegade” cops) We believe, sometimes they are “forced” to do things against their will!



  It has also been said that the Police have there own “stimulus package”! A “stimulus package” to write DUI’s and that they will receive added bonuses for each one written! This is ridiculous! The American Civil Liberties Union must have received a handsome payoff to “not” fight this proposition! Obviously money is a motivator. If money is that important, perhaps they should not be Policeman, Attorneys, Prosecutors or Judges! Go get a job that pays well! If the County needs money, be more creative in making money and managing it! We do not need “creativity” to work in sinister ways! This will NOT be argued in ANY forum! Because these ideas make sense and someone would have to “work”, they just don’t seem to be good enough!


 What makes this equally troubling is that some of the people (victims) involved in our documentation ARE families of Policemen, friends of the legal system, an attorney (all  from other jurisdictions) and a Deputy right here from the surrounding County! And its not that they expected favors, but they did EXPECT to be TREATED fairly! Its important for the people to know, who work for other municipalities that live here, that they will screw you just as quickly, regardless of who you are! In fact, one family we know of actually went out of there way to try to befriend these menaces, unbeknownst to them, of what they were getting into. You couldn’t pay us to be friends with them now. It would taint our whole mission, credibility and class of people that we represent!


 How many times have you heard a Cop say “I GOTTA give you a ticket!” ...or a Judge or Prosecuting Attorney say, “I GOTTA”? The FACT is, They ain’t “GOTTA”! Now they SHOULD be held in contempt! That statement is a LIE! Think about it! Everyone else is getting breaks! You should be allowed, AT LEAST ONE! Better said, to keep it fair, multiple breaks!



It has been over a month since our last posting, no attempts to apologize, no compensation was granted for damages, no attempts to act or perform in ethical ways have been seen! More importantly, no change in the faces who control this plague! We will continue to document any and all activities that have happened and seek out individuals who will ultimately come forward and reveal the trauma Newton or Jasper County has forced them through!


 Perhaps one day, the Legal Jurisdictions of Newton and Jasper Counties will be exemplary Counties of the State of Indiana. Where law students can come to visit to see how things are done correctly and justly!



   Let it be documented that the behaviors and unacceptable decision making of the authorities of Newton County and the lack of attention that has been given to CORRECT these hideous issues is now affecting business.


 The Martin Family has been “forced” to transfer their insurance policy to another County due to the FACT that their insurance man, located in Newton County is friends with at least one if not more of the Attorneys/Authorities mention in this blog. The Martins and others believe the offending insurance man is “guilty by association”! ( It certainly was “offensive” to them when they found out about his relationship! ) Remember this when you buy insurance the first thing you must keep in mind is trust. It is more then obvious that there is NO trust what so ever in the way Newton County runs their “business”!

 As criminals most often due they never admit their guilt. Still Newton County has not made any apologies, no payments of damages that victims more then deserved nor has there been ANY fair decision making done as far as the documented situations on this “blog” are concerned! In true criminal fashion!

    People HAVE to start looking out for their own “best interest” because Newton / Jasper County certainly won’t!


  We encourage the people of Newton County to start carrying video cameras while driving in attempt to thwart any misconduct by renegade police officers. This evidence may lead to an excellent harassment case! We also are encouraging “good” police officers and troopers to wear wire taps. Sooner or later your supervisor or some attorney or other authority WILL request you to do something unethical, illegal or morally wrong. Start building a case. Because just as in the case of a Jasper County Deputy, you WILL find yourself disposable and you may not have any sound evidence to prove your allegations of their tyrannical behaviors. Your tapes will help prove your case and lead to indictments!


  Further more, real estate companies will be contacted. It is fair to say, that anyone who moves into Jasper or Newton County should be “Fore Warned” of what they will be up against, if the decide to move here and become residents! Otherwise withholding this most important information should be grounds to withdraw from ANY contract, at ANY time, rightfully so. Again the behaviors and decisions of the authorities of Newton County are a detriment to business community and the citizens at large!


  It is imperative to report that our local (demotte/roselawn area) telephone / internet company has the worst customer service! One family, in particular has contacted them about problems in April 2007 and once again in July 2009 to no avail. This company does not think it has any obligation to respond! This is despicable behavior that we are finding to be much more wide spread as we canvas the area speaking with residents. We have also spoke with local business managers and they too also agree how terrible the telephone companies poor customer service department is.

*Dropped service from a hard line! You may as well have a cell phone! *Continual dropped service from the internet! Are you aware of Cable Internet Services? Or Netzero? Are you aware of other services for your telephone through your cable network? *Paying for an unlisted number to find your number plastered all over telephone books! Lame excuses or no responses to complaints! Some one NEEDs to take responsibility for this negligence!

We believe this is tolerated because after questioning many residents, they believe this company has a monopoly and this company knows that our flunky judicial system will side with them in court! So for the most part, complaints are ignored! It’s only a matter of time before people shop elsewhere. Ask your neighbors and friends ….do research yourself and you will find solutions. Part of the solution is that we cannot AFFORD to patronize demonic entities of this sort, ANYMORE! Continue to seek out alternative companies that are willing to give you decent service!

Remember this, when you write to a company, only a GOOD, REPUTABLE one will take the time and courtesy to respond back to you in writing. This shows that they may not have an ulterior motive and that they may be willing to cooperate and help you with a legitimate concern. Documenting a FACT that they are genuinely out to help you! Understand this, Newton County, this phone company and other local companies have NEVER responded to any issues, of which many have been documented. Worse yet, no attempts were made to correct the problems which leads us to believe they also act as a scandalous “business” with no interest at all for the "customer” or “citizen”! To be subjugated to such behavior is not NORMAL or PROFESSIONAL! The only viable solution: SEEK SERVICE ELSEWHERE!


  Also reported to us, a woman from Mount Ayr had been subjugated to harassment by Newton County Animal Control. It was told to us that they cited her for feeding stray cats. This caused untold stress and aggravation for this woman. Finally she found an attorney who called the County and asked for them to fax her these violations she allegedly committed. The case was then dropped. A man from Lake Village was under threat from one of our former Sheriffs. The Sheriff told him he would have to use one of the towing companies delegated by his Office if he was going to tow in Newton County, This man sensed a “racket” and sure enough after contacting some one in the Governors Office he was soon left alone and he was able to use the towing company of his choice! Newton County and Jasper County residents should NOT have to repeatedly defend themselves against the people who are suppose to be our their looking out for our best interest and protecting us NOT harassing us. Especially when we pay their wages! To US, They are a FRAUD! This is a total outrage! The Governors Office needs to take closer look at what is happening and penalizing these offenders like they do other criminals in this State, HARSHLY!


 We have come across several people who have had been “victimized” either by a renegade cop or and attorney. Their response to the offenders face was something to the effect of “When I get cancer, you’ll probably die before me!” Now as stated before we do not advocate violence, but by the same token we cannot tell people what to do or not to do. It truly will be a travesty if this is the mentally we have to sink to eliminate and eradicate our serious problems we have here! Because corruption runs so deep! In fact, we have decided to contact insurance companies for we know, insurance companies are “always” looking for a reason not to pay a claim off. Now if these Attorneys, Judges etc. are out instigating situations and some one hurts or kills them, the insurance company SHOULD NOT pay on that claim! That should be deemed “suicide by victim”! NOW, if this will be the case, and insurance companies consider this, it would give great incentive to these menaces to do right by the good people.

 Remember the criminals do not like will armed people. Sometime the criminals are the attorneys and judges and sometimes being armed means having knowledge!


  We have also been notified through our sources that Newton County Sheriffs Department is constantly monitoring this web site. Well, all we have to say to that is, you keep monitoring this. If it makes you feel good! And now that this is documented, it would behoove your department in pursuing and eliminating the nuisance in the County as described and save your own name, or be “guilty by association”!  It is only becoming more obvious that the menacing tactics of Newton County are much deeper engrossed then we know!

  Focus on the real criminals here, instead of picking on someone who forgot to put their seat belt on! Being a coward doesn’t fair out to well, especially in a job were machismo and ego is important!  Think about that next time you decide to “pick on” someone!

And if ANYONE thinks this is going to go away because of idle threats made in the court room you got another thing coming! Keep digging that hole a little deeper!...Remember this FACT when one takes any public office, they are open for scruntiny!




“The ego and arrogance of a man, sometimes keeps him from keeping his trap shut!”




Whilst the NEWS and media try to focus our attention on other problems in the world, the true terrorism is right here in our own back yard!


“If tyranny and oppression come to this land,

it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”


James Madison





  We spoke with an attorney and asked him, “If we do not post this blog, will these attorneys and Judges take into consideration that they already screwed us once and give us a break?” He said, “Hell no! They WILL do it again in a heart beat!” So if you are sitting their wondering if you should or shouldn’t, it truly would be a crime not to report your situation and help others think about alternatives in dealing with their problems as they arise! It will let them know, WHO is CREDIBLE and who is NOT!


The Integrity, Honor and Credibility of Newton and Jasper County and their Authorities as mentioned here, is ZERO!


 We pray to God that positive changes come to Newton, Benton and Jasper Counties. That he touches the souls of these evil spirits. Let this website and the action that it took, be a testimony to our faith that good change will come. Let it also be known that we do not hate anyone, as it is obvious to us, that so far, it is has been hatred and ill will, that has been casted down upon us!


 The facts are on the table! date of posting:06/24/2009

For further proof of our documentation of how authority works in Newton County and obviously allowed under “their parameters” for the Judge SHOULD KNOW and hold some responsibility to see who is legal, registered to operate as an Attorney and is deemed “fit” for a position as a Prosecuting Attorney or not! Please review this news related article.,barce0701.article (Perhaps this was a well concocted scheme to sabotage the people of the County for they will be the ones to pay for any and all legal fees, many people worry!) State targets prosecutor's lapsed license

Also review this link about Benton County Corruption: BENTON COUNTY PROSECUTOR RECEIVES REPRIMAND FOR CONFLICT

additional Conflicts of Interest:

We have recently found out that one of the above mentioned attorneys is either partner, silent partner or has some financial interest in one of the local bars. Ironically, this bar on certain occasions is noted for being a place to obtain drugs! Yet you never hear of the bar or the dealers being busted. It is fair to say there are drugs all over. BUT, we have also found out that some people who have been busted for drugs have NEVER been given any type of plea bargain, as to release information of where they got their drugs from. You see, it appears to us, the authorities do NOT want to bust the dealers! For one, it would interfere with the business of one said attorney, number two, there is a LOT more money to be made by picking on “users” one at a time!!! Instead of giving them a break and letting them cooperate with police to shut this criminal activity down! We have ran into business owners who have been questioned by police but they were scared to "become involved" in fear of retaliation. You see the police do NOT even grant them protection, not here in these surrounding Counties! We also find it a conflict of interest that an attorney can be involved with such a business that knowingly gets people drunk, whilst he takes their money, then turns around and offers to represent them for the dui, taking more money from them! We are confident the Judge knows, the Sheriff knows the Prosecuting Attorney knows they all know this, and we are sure, there is much more. This is probably only the tip of the iceberg, once we start to delve into the illegal, criminal and deceptive activities of the menaces that call themselves “Legal Authorities”! What is it going to take, to clean this mess up? Perhaps a JUDGE with some "class", "honor" and "dignity"!!!! It all starts at the top and trickles down!!!! May God bless us ALL!

Before you VOTE, you may want to reread this website. Take notes!!! More importantly, you may want to ask your constituent, where they stand on these issues and what they are going to do to change things for the better! Remember this, if you vote for anyone listed above or anyone who is associated with them, YOU ASK for what you get! As one of these judges might tell you, "you deserve one another!" So, make the right choice! Or write in, "No Qualified Entries!"

This website should also serve as a document that describes harassment (and any other potential crime deemed fit) which has been forced upon the victims as described above, by the named offenders above through their misuse and abuse of their powers.

In the event, any cop, attorney or judge has any dispute or anything negative to say about what this website is designed to accomplish, our word to the wise is, “Be very leery of that individual! Personally we would NOT “trust” that person! ...or ANY decision they make!” Especially if they ramble on, defending any of these “offenders” listed above. In fact, ask them if they will give you a signed document of their comments, so that you may forward it to us, so that we may be aware of other potential criminals or people who “assist” these individuals as they perpetrate these crimes against the greater community.

Let it also be known that State Mental Institutions and Psychiatric Hospitals have been contacted to evaluate this situation. Certainly the damages these “powers to be” are creating, is unconscionable!

In fact, this web site has, is and will be nominated for awards, achievements, etc. any type of recognition it can obtain, from local, Statewide and Federal sources. For we find it an extreme tragedy, perhaps a detriment, that after contacting all these entities (as listed above...individuals, politicians, agencies, departments and news venues), No One has come to our aid or even inquired about the FACTS the we hold true! They have been contacted multiple times to no avail and we find it imperative to bring this news to the general public “paramount”!(Initial contact made, on or about March 15th 2009, its now November 5th, 2009) This is a “Public Notice” you will not find anywhere else! Now, can we “trust” our media? Our Politicians? Our Police Department? and soon on... for allowing this! They have failed us miserably! Since they have and have done so with intent as we see it. That’s what makes this documentation all the more important and significant to bring to you! Proper use of this information can save you untold amounts of money and misery! We believe this is the first step in making our community a safer and a much more conducive to live. Please feel free to forward this link to all your friends, family and neighbors!


"If” a GOOD attorney, gets his hands on this information, it SHOULD do wonders for your case, save this web link and print this article now


One of the local crumb attorneys mentioned above is out on a major advertising campaign. We feel he is searching out indiviudals who have not been educated yet of this obvious fleecing that is going on so that he can entrap them into his (IL-) legal game! Truly an attorneys history should precede himself! So be careful, do not get suckered in!In our humble opinion , any attorney who has to TRY so hard to get more business, is shady, be careful of the FULL PAGE ADS & billboards!


Such a big stink is being made about Tiger Woods, Yet this is something thousands of men do each day, not that it makes it right, BUT we truly believe Tiger Woods is not or ever will be as MALICIOUS and or DECEPTIVE to as many innocent people who are being preyed upon by trusted Officials….which makes our story more profound and we believe Tiger Woods would prefer the media talk about this situation…..
Word has gotten back to us, on two different occasions, about the Newton County Deputies reaction to what we, in essence are trying to accomplish, A CONDUCIVE PLACE TO LIVE, through our web site! We’re finding out that they are pissed off and angry! These behaviors are beyond, having a total lack of professionalism! We believe this “mindset” is trickling down from the top, from the Judge to the Prosecuting Attorneys Office to the Sheriff, hence such a horrendous display. We can say that utilizing local attorneys AND the local Counties Court system, truly is unreasonable, so is calling the police (Newton or Jasper County Sheriffs Department)! You can call AND write to the Indiana State Police and insist they handle your problems for it is totally unreasonable to trust or believe that these County Departments will HELP or ACT in your best interest, as per our own experience and FACTS!


The Indiana State Police shall provide the most professional, effective and courteous police service possible at all times and with every endeavor.

  1. The protection of life and property will be our primary focus.
  2. We will uphold and defend federal and Indiana state constitutions and enforce all laws.
  3. We will address crimes and offenders with diligent, conscientious and proactive initiatives.
  4. We will ensure public safety on our roadways with vigorous and directed traffic enforcement.
  5. We will assist the public and all police agencies at any time and in any manner possible.


Abate of Indiana has been contacted (twice) to inform motorcyclists of the calamity! Fellow motorcycle enthusiasts need to KNOW, what they are up against, when then roll on these roads!

We’ve also been told recently about a family who is having problems with the behaviors at one of the Newton County School! Where police allegedly did not want to make out a report because he knew the perpetrator and when documents were eventually filed, they came up missing! Because this website was initially posted sometime ago and because we were told from a reliable source that the Sheriffs Department was watching it daily, you would “think” they would “start” to conduct themselves in a professional manner! This is not the case. We have spoke with literally hundreds if not thousands of people from the surrounding area and have come a cross a few individuals who WILL take action once these villains tread on them. They had expressed themselves to the point where “someone WILL get hurt” and they were NOT referring to themselves. They were educated and did not act in anger! As if they were, in a round about way of saying, “when the time comes, the problem will go away, without a trace!” Again we do not advocate violence, but as you have previously read, already one person was killed because of this maniacal behavior as we believe more will perish for they are ruthless and nonsensical. We do not want to see anyone get hurt, in any way, shape or form! At this point, a higher power must intervene and remove these individuals from their respective Offices before they hurt or harm anyone physically, emotionally or financially or they PROVOKE a situation and are harmed themselves!

Because we are not hearing or seeing any changes for the “benefit” of the greater community, we will only amp up our efforts and find new venues to get some positive results!


Some people here have their sons and/or daughters fighting overseas for our Country, right at this very moment! We know this as a fact! Can you imagine how upset they are risking their lives for what? So their family , friends and neighbors back home can be treated this way…This is waaaaaaaaaaaaay outta control! ANY support we can get from Active and In active service men and women would be much appreciated..please refer to our link : when doing so!

God Bless Us ALL!


We must state one more time, we are not malacious in anyway. We tell it like it is! If you misinterpret our message, it only reflects upon your demeanor and intention! Frankly, that becomes another problem! This is not about getting even, BUT informing unsuspecting individuals about this demonic process that is taking said before….a major breach of trust! Change….is inevitable!



Nothing else counts!


Nothing else counts!

Since we’re being watched,
We found a couple links for the Legal Authorities ( the monsters) of our community to view, perhaps this will give them (and others) greater insight to how damaging they are!
They are as damaging as WE say and that will NEVER be said different!!!
Perhaps there superiors will make efforts to redeem these damages we’ve documented and the many others who have suffered their wrath!

"the Twilight Zone-"Deaths Head Revisited"


"the Twilight Zone-"The Obsolete Man"

This will give them something to think about, as the “noose” tightens!


Mr Martin speaks out on BlogTalkRadio (January 2010)


Our local libraries Roselawn and Lowell have “Ask an Attorney Day” today 01/18/2010! (this segment posted 2:30pm central time) The fact that both libraries where called and that they would NOT divulge the attorneys “names” who were present says a MOUTHFUL! When asked over the phone, “Who are ‘these attorneys’?” The receptionist said “We’re not giving out names, you gotta come in and see who it is!” Are they trying to provoke a situation in the library now? Because they could not respond with a reasonable answer, this is extremely fishy! We feel they are NOW collaborating with these criminals to ADD insult to injury, to see what kind of “suckers” they can find who are not aware of their nuisance behaviors! THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC SERVICE, But a DETRIMENT to the community! PERIOD! This all being said well in advance, in the event there are any shenanigans that stem from these scoundrels!

Educate yourself before Voting in Newton and Jasper County Indiana!

" click here before you Vote in Newton or Jasper County!!!"

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Newton County Indiana Sheriffs Primary Results, Opinions & FACTS!
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